Motorcar of The Year. The ?

The ? Motor Car was a major development this year. It is a supremely quiet car that goes really fast and costs around 100 grand. We believe it can one day run on Solar Powered Batteries (Or…. SPBS) and we think this is a most glamorous idea. The sound of a battery powered car going […]

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  • Form (Sale 510 Greene Street #7N)

    Jerry Tam’s Form clearly rocks, and Glamwire believes we are definitely speaking to a future Hall Of Famer when we speak to Mr. Tam. “Always have fun. Always be creative,” Jerry said to us minutes ago, refusing to be more creative (jest kidden!) while expounding on his philosophy from Form headuarters in Soho, where a […]

    Ciao! (Glamwire Hall of Fame #1)

    Giorgio Armani was born July 11, 1934, in Piacenza, Italy. One of three children, Armani had his heart set on becoming a doctor. After graduating high school, a young Armani headed to medical school at the University of Bologna, but after 2 years he realized that medicine — specifically the sight of blood — was […]

    Recomended Reading: Confessions of a Shopaholic

    Well, Glamwire loves English Fashion Humour as much as much as the next phenomally fast growing tiny media outlet….but the above English Whirwind of Comercial Literary Production, Sopie Kinsella, really simply is up there with Jennifer Saunders, in the These Are The Presumably Married Genius Women That We Must Fall, Frankly, Madly In Love With. […]

    Happy Boxing Day

    Aye, ’tis Boxing Day. Who could forget me laddies and lassies when meself, Phineas Mcphearsonloch, from Dunbeck, first rode south to work in the mutton department at Blemish in Oxfordshire 200 miles northwest o ‘london in 1007 A.D. Aye, Chistmases were grandly organic then, ’twas wey hard to organzize a fabulositous After Christmas sale when […]

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  • Kid Crazy (Holiday Tip #6)

    Manhattan is going kid crazy this season…and there should be a number of chic youngsters toddling about the Tri State Area on Boxing Day. Our advice: Stay Clear of All Children this Christmas. Just Kidden’! Sonia Rykiel from Paris is doing Great and Reasonably Priced clothing for children available at her kids boutique at Madison […]

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  • Shoe Show (Holiday Tip #5)

    Glamourous youngsters can find absolutely fabulous shoes at East Side Kids at 1298 Madison Avenue. These festive shoes start at $90 for the Sonnet series from Start Rite. “We can’t stock these babies quickly enough,” says manager/head buyer Leon Califiore. The store practically sings Christmas..and shoes. Men’s sizes to 13. Ladies to 12. East Side […]