Paris Couture

They are, for many, the most exciting shows in the world. The dresses start at around $80,000, and geniuses like John Galiano (Design for Dior above) and Karl Lagerfield go to town.

Our Rachel Rymar reports from Paris that Galiano evoked the dove gray atmosphere at Dior, and Lagerfield ended his presentation with his huge staff at Chanel behind him as in a high school yearbook class photo. Generally, the talk has been of Galiano’s original colors, Armani‘s Maharjah inspired silks, Valentino‘s welcome light, mainly white show, based loosely on one he did in 1968. Jean Paul Gaultier went stain glass Catholtic procession and also scored a hit with the fashion press.

There are no links to aquire these dresses. Please feel free to contact each house with your enquiries. You CAN however, definitely read about the parties here.

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