GLAMONION: Hedi Slimane forced From Dior Homme as Dior eyes Knick Coach Isiah Thomas (STORY)

Hedi Slimane will leave Dior, forced out by Billionaire Bernard Arnault who is said to be infatuated with belegauared Knick Coach Isiah Thomas. “What Isiah was not able to do for the Knicks, I am POSITIVE he can do for Dior Homme,” Arnault said in prereleased statement from his Paris office. Knick fan Spike Lee said “Hey, it’ll be good for the Knicks and it’ll for Dior…I’ve seen Isiah’s Sketches. He is really talented and he looks fabulous in a turtleneck.Things are looking up for both Dior Homme and the Knicks.”


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