Captain Reed Stowe And Soanya Ahmad Take Off!

Reed Stowe and girlfriend Soanya Ahmad took off for a thousand day sail , to be done without seeing dry land. The sail will set a record for the longest unsupported voyage in history. Reed, an old freind of Glamwire’s, has been dreaming of this voyage for at least 20 years. Its day four today! We congratulate both Reed and Soanya for the courage and spirit of adventure!

Plaid Takes a Vacation

Plaid in obvious demand this Fall, is taking a breather in Florida with her sister and nephew, and her son Phillip. The foursome has been staying in Boca but left yesterday for a five hour drive to Jacksonville to visit Plaid’s good freind Robin, a.k. a. Gingham. Neither Plaid nor Robin could be reached for comment today, though Plaid was overheard saying, by the community hot tub at the Boca Polo Club, “I need this. I’m faputzed.” For more on Plaid, click here.

Style: Released Prisoners Set Pace for Spring!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave released British prisoners another gift, besides the gift of freedom…. the gift of fashion. Yes, fabulous outfits made by his own personal atelier, stylish ensembles obviously raising the bar for Spring, and subsequently setting the tone for the Fall introduction of his new casual-wear line: AHMADINEJAD!

“We loved the freed prisoners boxy, ill-fitting suits” cood Andre Leon Talley today from his home office in Hasting on the Hudson. “Breathable lightweight Grey Crylon with no hint of Tulle or Organza or you know, any fashion word that I would, like, have to look up.” Tally went on to say: “The ridiculous shoulders and fabulous poly-rayon shirts scream breathability….its how President Ahmadinejad stays chic during those high pressure Tehran afternoon teas.” Talks With LVHM and also H&M and Target are in place to create AHMADINEJAD! (a broad, full-service brand intended to include a fragrance and and a coffee table book) as early as next fall. “Give a suit to Madonna ” the President told a prisoner, as he handed him a gift bag. “Lets face it, I’ve got the look.”