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  • President World Premiere At Cannes

    “President“ debuted at Cannes on May 24th at 8:30 PM in the tiny Palais E, in the Grand Palais at Cannes. Despite “Oceans 13,” Julian Lennon‘s “Whaledreamers,” and a popular film on Silvio Berlusconi all playing concurrently with President in the Palais, President played to a packed house, and our own Leonard Fujiyama, who attended […]

    Hunger Strike At Cannes

    Milon Henry Levine seen above at the 50th Cannes Film Festival, claims he will hunger strike on behalf of the power of the individual at the 6oth Cannes Film Festival. He is currently in training at at undisclosed location. “The individual is powerless over large corporations, which actually prey off of citizens, in many cases ‘legally’ stealing money from them. ” He says that he is striking for the passage of Hr. 811, Rush Holt’s voting legislation that will make electronic voting machines accountable. “Its the first step towards auditing machines that are assaulting people on behalf of big companies. “”