The GLAMWIRE One Minute Interview: John Basedow <BR> BONUS: Episode 4 of John Basedow TV, with special additional commentary work by a Mystery Correspndent on Screen #3

John Basedow and Maggie Fine have many fans in Australia. And here are a few : Yitz Davidson, Makio, Collette Dinnigan, Akira Isogawa, Lisa Ho, Martin Grant, Carla Zampatti, Easton Pearson, Michelle Jank. Nicola Finetti,Conrad Martens, Charles Darwin, John Glover, Glover was one of the precursors of an Australian style of painting, Tasmania, landscapepainter, TheHeidelbergSchool, […]

The GLAMWIRE Interview: Noelle Reno

Zac Time’s Interview with Noelle Reno is a real treat. Her fans include Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton, and boyfriend, Pittsburg banking heir and Harry’s Rubber Sole Shoes founder Matthew Mellon, and also a fan: Matthew’s ex-wife, Tamara Mellon, founder of Jimmy Choo Shoes and now head of Harvey’s Wensteins’ Halston. And thanks to Malan […]

Glamwire TV

Right now Glamwire Tv is not loading because of insane traffic. Sorry. The Glamwire Team will continue to run tests. Thanks for your beautiful and fabulous support. More folks we want to interview on Glamwire TV; THIS MEANS YOU: Malo, Built by Wendy, Charlotte Ronson, Rodnik Concert, Rodarte, Cynthia Steel, Tiffany Koury, Tory Burch , […]

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  • Zang Toi Fall ’08

    What a great show: with a feeling of Chinese lacquer made into THE ultra sexy and luxurious pure style of Zang Toi. This was the last show in the tent, a show usually held by the amazing Ralph Rucci,who moved to Paris to show couture, the first Amercian invited to do so since Mainbacher (Main […]

    Carmen Marc Volvo Fall ’08

    Carmen Marc Volvo’s satin 1920’s evening wear show was a tad boring, though a snip, quite a snip, elegant. Obvious decco 20s references and beautiful satins marked the collection, but to this reporter, not much else marked it. Though I wouldn’t complain if my date showed up wearing one of these ensembles (they carried kind […]

    Custo Barcelona Fall ’08

    If Bill Blass seems to be rooted in a time and place..Custo Barcelona…despite the name of designer Custo Dalmau’s company, is rooted in Custo. With menswear that would be hard for this reporter to wear, though it looks fun on, you know, very thinnish men, Custo has a magnificent feeling for women and every part […]

    Bill Blass Fall ’08

    “I happen to like New York,” sang out Bobby Short, and presumably, Bill Blass may have sang that out too every once in a while. Right before he died, Blass said he always carried in his wallet a picture of a young man he came to New York with from Ft. Wayne Indiana in 1939. […]