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  • Updaterer: Up in Sonoma

    Cindy …looking hot. On an average day coming onto the tarmac after an early primary win Cindy used to look like your every day Satanic regional Budweiser distributor, with deranged, spasmed out power hungry eyes that seemed like they could access your checking account. Now she looks…well…hot, and a little jealous of the fact that Sarah P is clearly younger and hotter… And also that Johnny M, at 72 with nothing to lose, at least in that green room where everyone is on his side (and that room does exist), is probably hitting on Sarah P every God loving two seconds. This is where the term “Evangelical Evanshmelical” takes on new meaning for like the 19 millionth time. The point is: right now they are actually more glamorous and less sober then Obama/Biden…..and (note to Team Barry) that may have to change. Hillary tried hard drinking in public to becoming less sober than Barry, who with his jumpshot and Hawaiian body surfing moves seemed pretty cool back then… ….Obama/Biden have got to come up with something, and if they want roll up their sleeves and do some world class visually sound drinking….we suggest they come up to Sonoma…where the drinking is really…..seriously…..pretty fucking glamorous.