The Tie Guys

Tie crises. Your ties are toast. Wahaddya do? Glamwire recomends, first off, just being really careful out there. You CAN avoid this…but hey, if you don’t feel like tucking a napkin under your chin and you remain sort of an interminable basket case, well, then you may ask Seigo the world class tie maker (photo […]

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  • Slumdog Playman

    Playman at the Movies Slumdog Millionaire The set, two waiters at Milon, the incredibly Glamorous and Chic, somewhat Dazzling Indian restaurant on 6th street and 1st avenue in New York City. They have just seen “Slumdog Millionaire” in Chelsea. Vikram: “Slumdog Millioniare” is the best movie of 2008. Seth: I think you may be righ […]