Ladies and Gentlemen: The Paolos

This…is Paolo. Paolo is a fotog from Milano, from Digital Milano Agency. He shoots Handbags….Rings, Necklaces and Shoes on the runway. In the future, in the years when Glamwire will be presenting The Glamwire Awards…..the statues will be called The Paolos. And today my friends, you know why. Ciao Paolo!Shopping NYC: amalga. atelier New York, Bergdorff goodman, Intermix, untitled, Supreme, the dressing room, Scoop, outlet, opening ceremony, Kirna Zabette, Jeffrey NY, Steven Alan, Jill Sander Tom ford, Missoni, Joseph, Hemes, Etro, Emilio pucci, fragaments

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  • Fall ’09 NYC Ends

    Chado: By the incredibly talented Ralph Rucci. This is the kind of show at which Denise Rich is basically killing a well sedated mink with her bare hands in the 2nd row…but…still one of the very best, and definitely the longest show in NYC. Glamwire will regroup with its seasoned kick ass writers and photographers on monday. President Obama will visit us this weekend with his 4th address. Time to relax and rock out.

    Richie Rich Fall ’09

    Richie Rich and Pamela Anderson are like not unkinetic as Richie Skates down the runway out of his mind, presumably on Resveratol. While not our favorite designer, Oscar, always BY FAR, the best show….If You are a New Yorker my friend, dig those Mohawked punks bombing down the runway in Richie’s Beautiful Crap to the sound of “This Is New York” in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria. Um, no seriously. Photos C. Rhodes

    The Contender

    Oscar Contender Micky Rourke looks pretty darn together last night at Dominico Vacca. Here is his Glamwire blog entry for Feb 18th 2009.

    Forgedabout it, n’ces pas? Sean Penn is Friggin GAY. He’s gonna win a Friggin Oscar every year for like the next 35 YEARS. This guy grew up in, like, Frigging MALIBU. His Dad GAVE him an Oscar when he was in Frigging Junior High School. Thank you, and good night.