The Road To Vancouver: Josh and Jackie get Engaged in Orlando. Jake falls in love with Mobile Alabama

We start with this journal entry dated ,Jan 17 2010. Although this passage ends with glamorous proclamation: “I love my poopypants” we run this paragraph in its entirety. Children under 35 are advised to to read cautiously.

Devon got home at 530pm and then Josh and I took a walk around the lake – a moment I’ll never forget….He packed his backpack and we strolled around the lake until we found this great spot under a weeping willow tree…we layed down the towel and a scrabble set (can’t leave home with out it). We watched the sunset and then josh asked if I wanted to play scrabble, thinking nothing of it, I opened the scrabble set (the traveling kind) and already written out was Krentzy, will you marry me…I lost it, I jumped up screaming yes yes YES YES!!!!! He got up and then got on one knee and asked my to marry him yes yes YES YES!!!!! we couldn’t stop kissing hugging and touching one another. I was glowing – a perfect sunset, a perfect moment with the perfect guy –

i love my poopypants!”
orlando ring
We then head through this rainstorm to Mobile, Alabama….Jake almost had to go to the vet pshychiatrist as a reult of this storm….

we arrive in Mobile, where meet “Brad.”


Here is the entire, beautifully written passage from Mobile:

“We arrived at Brad’s house (hes a good friend of tom who I got to know a few times in college) at about 6:30 or so. We were pretty beat after driving all those hours and changing time zones and all. He took us to some awesome seafood places where we got loads of shrimp and grits and oysters which were awesome.

After we took a drive down Mobiiiiiile  Alabama and he took us to Wintzels Oyster Bar, the place Andrew the bald jew Zimmerman went on his show, that place is pretty cool, and huge and it was good to sit down there for a beer and shoot the shit. After that we pretty much just crashed at his place and Jake had a heck of a time playing with Sadie (Brad’s dog) and Jake pretty much kept us up all night. But it was a great time and thanks Brad for letting us crash there. Next time were in town its gonna be quarters time…”

and now it’s on to New Orleans…from which this compelling image was wired to us just moments ago…and this crisp passage of athletic prose.


We are submitting this to the pulitzer people…one of the GREAT New Orleans images.

“Stopped off in NO before heading like 54 f*$ckin hours to texas…we got a beer/po poy, walked around the french quarter, saw some stripjoints, no boobs though…that was basically it,  I can picture that place being absolute shit of a mess on the weekends and mardi gras…’

Stay tuned…Vancoucer…is three weeks away.

Until next tome from the road….Josh Jake Jackie

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