Chado: Ralph Rucci Fall ’13

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When this guy shows in NYC they leap to their feet and not just because he puts up a lot of fur (though he ran 6 brighrly colored furs early in the show, completely together on the runway, and the place went bananas. ) Do not throw paint at my website. I am just reporting. Our northern European performance piece on behalf of fur will come later JUST KIDDING. Look someone has to stand up…other than the ENTIRE place last night at Chado Ralph Rucci. Important issue…important debate….we believe technolgy will produce humane fur mining….these fur producing animals will one day be like at a resort…and having their fur taken from them will be like getting a facial….until that time…the very large anti fur movement has a point…animal cruelty is terrible….but if your eating cow….don’t throw paint at Dennis Basso…or Ralph Rucci, the creator of the sublime Chado.

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