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Archive for September, 2010

As We Move On to Paris: Gaye Watkins Looks Back at NYC

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Gaye Describdes her feeling after the last show, Lamb, by Gwen Stefani, in NYC

Bye Bye Baby

The coolness in the air signifies that the hot, hot times at New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week have ended leaving behind the memories like burning embers. But what a rush!! It makes some of us ladies and gents giddy with delight seeing the latest clothes for the next year.  But like a sugar or caffeine high it takes a bit of time to settle down. So lets do a brief review of some of the last fashion hours. Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. Collection was filled to the rafters with people and if they could have fit more on the ceiling they would have, but probably some safety codes may have forbidden it. There was a range of styles like, Lace-up back ruffled and sheath dresses in African inspired prints, A-line dress in a feminine stucco print with ruffle on the shoulders and  signature Walderston Satchel in cherry blossom, Maxi Dress in silk chiffon stucco print with a flowing bodice in Tie Flat sandals, to a Kimono print halter dress with a mix of African print on the skirt silhouette with Caitlyn shoes in black. Quite a fun mixture on the runway. At the end of the show, Gwen during her stroll down the runway wore an african inspired fitted suit. She stopped to give the photogs and crowd a little flirty hip wiggle and took her long runway bow surrounded by L.A.M.B. Models. The Andy and Debb presentation in The Box at the fashion tents, had a myriad of models standing on square, flat, ice float type stands with an emphasis on structure, like their silk and wool zibeline colorblocked ”Picture Frame” sheath. Isaac Mizrahi’s collection, I felt  was about being light and feminine and using delicate flowing fabrics. And Davidelfin caught the eye of the crowd with his first model on the runway, a male model wearing an electric purple blue strapless gown adorned with delicate earrings. Backstage Elfin sported a similar pair of earrings as he spoke to press and friends. You can never get enough of a man in a tight narrow gown. David Bowie circa 1970’s would have been so proud. The Argentine’s fashion interpretations were from several designers. Tally-Ho with LA Dolphina’s polo inspired white jacket and jodhpurs. For Evangelina Bomparolo, the words heard over my shoulder during the show ‘”Beautiful, just beautiful.”, such as her white and black gown, and the theatrical Pablo Ramirez with a raffia and linen double breasted gown with a portrait neckline. So we bid adieu, to the complimentary hand massages courtesy of Evolu Skincare, the Volume Express Mascara samples by Maybeline, a backstage stylist’s use of Priti Nail Polish for Mizrahi’s show and others, Hublot Watches, and Mercedes Benz Cars. Till we meet again, you big beautiful Fashion Week.

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Glamwire Arts and Entertainment Kicks Off

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

With our fabulous arts and entertainment editor Beki Colada Thomas and the most notorious Barbie that ever lived. Wanna know whats happening now? Check back here.

Cal Rhodes Barbie 1966

Cal Rhodes Barbie 1966

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