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Glamwire’s Featured Author of March is Louise Ford

Glamwire's featured author of March, LouiseFord

Weezie A Palm Beach Story

Fraud, Lies & A Colombian Mystery

Weezie’s story has a common theme… blue-blood upbringing, an only child to very influential parents, loss of a dynamic mother at an impressionable age. Enter Beatrirz Algarra, a Colombian beauty, and the mysteries mount about her past, as the fortunes are redirected and the family is torn apart. Who is this evil stepmother and what secrets have long been hidden?


Only a dogged investigation or time will uncover all the truths.

From the historic Lake Placid Club to the Palm Beach Bath & Tennis Club

Louise Ford lived in the lap of luxury while growing up in the 1960s, her father an accomplished, influential engineer/inventor, with a deep love for all things outdoors, would forever influence her passions in life.

World Cup sailing, first-class skiing, powerboats, horses and hunting, all part of a privileged life.

But the real intrigue is beyond the pages of her personal journaling that takes form as a conversational autobiography. The mysteries lie in all the questions that continue to surface as Weezie pursues her own investigation into Beatriz Algarra, who stole the estate meant for George Ford’s daughter and his grandson Nicholas. Key facts are exposed at the maid’s deposition, though still, many questions go unanswered.

As her father grew older and mentally and physically more vulnerable, his wife, who should have been the most trustworthy person in his life, went into full elder abuse mode, keeping him in a deplorable state, unwashed and without proper medical care, motives that aided her success in keeping Weezie out of his life and retaining his entire fortune, which included homes in Palm Beach and Newport.

Through all this time Weezie has had her own medical battle that still goes on today!

Presently the book is the #1 bestseller at both Classic Books and Main Street News in Palm Beach since May 2011.  The book is the featured as one of the top books relating to the crime of Elder Abuse.

In 2006 Weezie’s dear friend Brigadier General James Ellery was able to gain permission for her to travel with him to Juba in Southern Sudan. This trip, chronicled in the book, was a chance of a lifetime that left an indelible impression.

Recently, Weezie kept close watch on the Senate’s investigation of elder abuse brought to light by Mickey Rooney. Today she continues her own investigation into the mysteries surrounding the abuse of her father and the wrong doings at the hand un-denied bigamist stepmother  whose own lawyer calls Louise’s book “facts” in the prologue. The book is currently causing quite a stir in social circles in Palm Beach and Newport as the truth is finally coming out.

Buy the book here…available in paperback and Kindle

Reader’s reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Brilliant on top of fabulous…I was enthralled! I especially loved all the anecdotes about PALM BEACH LOCALS!! Laugh out loud funny! Buy it, you won’t be able to put it down!

5.0 out of 5 stars


This book/story is so incredible, that I actually “called in sick” from work the day after I got it, just so I could finish it! I hope that Weezie writes another book so we all learn the truth about this evil step-mother. Highly recommend!

5.0 out of 5 stars

Easy, breezy “Weezie”

An easy and enjoyable read, this book manages to convey the author’s clear sense of fun and to poke fun at social-climbing while still making plain her palpable hurt and upset over the heartbreaking way the last few years of her father’s life played out. It would be hard to make up a literary villain as nasty as the vain, selfish stepmother portrayed here, and at times her spiteful antics make the reader want to scream, but through it all Ms Ford keeps her good humor intact and her boundless energy and resilience sparkle on every page.

5.0 out of 5 stars

You know it has to be true,

It’s definitely a “you can’t put it down until you’re done” kind of book. Weezie does a great job of pulling you along with her. You want her to win against the “evil” she faces. You can identify with her son who plays such a supporting role. You get swept along with the global maze of intrigue and pain Weezie weaves as she travels from one interesting spot to the next. It just leaves us wanting more detail on each of the parts of her story. Maybe another expanded sequel?? Who knew one life could have such intrigue.

5.0 out of 5 stars

A fascinating read,

This book had me laughing and crying in equal measure. Weezie comes across as a very well loved child of doting parents who wanted only the best for their only child. Enter the baddie and the mystery truly begins. Who is this person and what secrets does she hide? Only a dogged investigation will uncover the truth and Weezie is up for it. Her will power and stoicism is an inspiration and I hope a happy ending ensues. She deserves it.

5.0 out of 5 stars

What a page-turner!,

You will not be able to tear yourself away once you start this book, so set aside an afternoon to peer into the highs and lows of being Weezie. She’s a heroine, and keeps going, when many of us would have thrown up our hands in despair. She writes with an easy, flowing style that leaves you wanting more. Weezie has already triumphed in the writing and publishing of this book. I look forward to the sequel and to learning what Weezie has in store for us in the next chapter of her life.

5.0 out of 5 stars

A Sharp Story of an Even Sharper Lady

Louise has written an extraordinary story of an exhilarating life, but at times also tragic. One would have a heart as hard as stone not to be saddened and disheartened by the story of losing her relationship with her father. All in all a fast read with plenty of highs and lows to keep your interest.

5.0 out of 5 stars

For richer, for poorer

A fast and fabulous read. Weezie grew up rich and pampered but her wealth did not make up for the tragic early loss of her mother. As she made her way largely on her own, her father fell prey to a greedy, conniving woman who separated Weezie and her son from the father she loved and ultimately, from his fortune. Sadly, she could not prevent the abuse of the Step Monster who manipulated her failing father until she pulled all the financial strings.

Tragic that this is not uncommon and begs the question of how children can protect their aging parents from harmful influences and protect what is rightfully theirs, both emotionally and financially.

Weezie’s adventures and involvement in Sudan could and should be another book. She is a survivor who has found a higher cause.

The Magic Jet Group Referral Program

The Magic Referral Policy: 75% of the company’s business comes from client referrals. To show their gratitude for your believing in MAGIC (Jet Group), the company is offering a $200 Amazon card each time one of the people you have referred books their first trip. Experience the magic


We are Magic in the air

New York based Jet Charter Company Magic Jet Group Hosting Many In-Air Tailgaiting Parties for Super Bowl XLVI

February 2, 2012Magic Jet Group’s CEO Stephanie Brooke Friedman is having a great time being a part of Super Bowl XLVI, transporting groups ranging from two to 14 New York Giants fans to and from Indianapolis for the big game. “It’s going really well. We are having a great time,” said Ms. Friedman. “We love working on themed trips for our clients. That is when we really get to work our magic. We get to be event planners in addition to being the most trusted private jet charter brokerage firm.”
Ms. Friedman was at the White Plains Airport (FBO) when we caught up with her, providing the pilots and flight attendants of the aircraft her company has contracted with NY Giants jerseys, banners, flags, vinyl decals and banners with which to decorate the cabins. Her staff works closely with the local preferred catering companies to accommodate every request beautifully, providing: “a lot of pizza, shrimp cocktail, chicken fingers, sliced beef tenderloin on toast points, jumbo hero sandwiches, burgers, and even vegan and gluten free snacks.'”
When you have large groups of 11-14 people, the price of a heavy jet, like a Challenger, for the round trip (HPN-IND-HPN) becomes about $4,000 per person (including tax), which for some Giants fans is a feasible one-time price to pay for a magical Super Bowl experience supporting their team.  A light jet, like a Hawker 400XP, costs $17,200 (includes FET 7.5 % or $1,200) for the round trip and can seat as many as seven comfortably.  The amount, when divided by a large number of diehard Giants fans, makes sense for them. They get to have a magical in-Air Pre-Super Bowl XLVI Tailgaiting party, supporting their home team in the utmost of joy. The journey to and from Lucas Oil Stadium becomes a highlight of the celebration instead of a hassle.
Last year, Magic Jet Group announced its Magic Tree Program in which, partnering with the National Forest Foundation, the company plants at least ten trees per trip, in honor of each respective client.  Ms. Friedman commented, “Giants Fans working with us receive the most extraordinary service, aircraft selection and pricing, and are also aiding in the restoration and revitalization of these treasured public lands.”

Their ad in the New York Post:

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Glamwire is excited about this!

paperback out on Tuesday!

Critically acclaimed and a New York Times bestseller, COME TO THE EDGE by Christina Haag is a love story-and like all love stories, it is both unique and universal.  Unique in that Christina Haag’s early love was John F. Kennedy Jr.; universal in that COME TO THE EDGE (Spiegel & Grau Trade Paperback, On Sale January 10, 2012) stirs up the reader’s memory of what it means to be young and in love.

When Christina Haag was growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, John F. Kennedy Jr. was just one of the boys in her circle of prep school friends, a skinny kid who lived with his mother and sister on Fifth Avenue and who happened to have a Secret Service detail following him at a discreet distance at all times.  A decade later, after they had both graduated from Brown University and were living in New York City, Christina and John were cast in an off-Broadway play together.  It was then that John confessed his long-standing crush on her, and they embarked on a five-year love affair. Glamorous and often in the public eye, but also passionate and deeply intimate, their relationship was transformative for both of them.

COME TO THE EDGE is a beautiful, timeless, and elegant read, one in which Haag paints a portrait of a young man with an enormous capacity for love, and an adventurous spirit that drove him to live life to its fullest.

Yoy can buy the paperback here

Follow Christina Haag on Twitter

Friend Christina Haag on Facebook

Danziger Gallery fall 2011 with Steichen Show









Date:            Thursday, September 15 ·  6:00pm –  8:00pm
Location:     Danziger Gallery: 527 West 23rd Street

Danziger Gallery opens its fall 2011 schedule with a show of 84 Edward Steichen photographs printed by the renowned  photographer George Tice. Tice was the last person to print for Steichen in his lifetime. These prints not only remind us of Steichen’s genius but also highlight the formidable quality of printing that George Tice has been known for throughout his career.  In conjunction with Steichen’s work, the gallery is also pleased to present 12 rarely seen George Tice photographs in its new print room along with his classic signature image, “Petit’s Mobil Station, Cherry Hill, NJ, 1974.”

Opening reception on Thursday, September 15th from 6 – 8 pm.  Complimentary wine.


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Christina Haag, author of the New York Times best-selling memoir “Come to the Edge” (and Glamwire’s Featured Author of July) stars in Sharyn Rothstein’s new  Off Broadway play, THE INVESTED, currently running at the 4th Street Theatre.

he Invested
4th Street Theatre
83 E. 4th Street New York, NY

(Tickets are $18.00)  Buy tickets here

Catherine Murdoch (Christina Haag) is the head of wealth management at  MetroBank one of  the largest and most powerful banks in the world  where she was just  passed over for CEO.

When the corruption of the new CEO threatens her  world and her values, Murdoch must decide where her loyalties will lie   does she follow her ambitions or does she follow  her conscience?

Drawn  from the financial crisis of 2008, THE INVESTED shows the rivalries,  betrayals and alliances that could bring the world  to the brink of  economic disaster.



Christina Haag’s Summer Tour

Christina Haag with her mother, Bernadette Haag Clarke at Christina’s Book Hampton reading, to which 80 people came! It was standing room only.  Hamptonites are passionate about their books!

Glamwire is thrilled to unveil the summer tour of our featured Author for July and August, Christina Haag!

On Friday August 5th at 7pm and Saturday August 6th at 12pm, Christina will be a guest on The Song is You, with Bonnie Grice!

Listen live on WPPB (88.3 FM) in the Hamptons, and streaming live to anywhere in the world at Peconic Public Broadcasting.

Find out what her guilty pleasure is!

On August 13th, Christina will be a guest at Author’s Night, the premiere literary event in the Hamptons. The event includes over 165 authors, and Alec Baldwin is the evening’s host. Christina will attend the Hamptons Magazine party later that night. *We advise you to purchase your ticket soon!

Christina will be doing an Author’s Talk at the East Hampton Library on August 20th at 1pm. Books will be available, and the event is free of charge.

On August 27th at 5pm, she’ll be reading from Come to the Edge and signing books at Books and Books in Westhampton Beach.

Christina will be profiled in Hamptons Magazine, The Palm Beach Post and The Southampton Press in August, and she will have book events in October at Books and Books in Miami. Stay tuned…








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MacDella Cooper & Friends



Music, Fashion, Culture, Cuisine, & DJs Universe & Stiletto

You are invited to join MacDella Cooper, founder of the MacDella Cooper Foundation and her esteemed friends and colleagues, along with the East End’s most high profile and influential audience of VIPs, celebrities, and media on Saturday July 23, 2011 at 3pm for the Opening Day of Polo at the Bridgehampton Polo Club.

Following Polo, MacDella Cooper will host L’AFRICANA SUMMER FEST in Southampton New York. The Red Carpet Cocktail reception and the Taste of Africa Banquet will kick off at 6:30 pm with Afro-Electronic music by DJ Universe. The night will continue with live music, dance performances as well as a DJ party hosted by headliner DJ Stiletto spinning her eclectic blend of sound.

The evening, hosted by News anchor, Carol Wilkinson will also include an MCF multimedia presentation by Thomas Tafuto. A collection of African inspired dresses, jewelry and accessories designed exclusively for L’Africana will be auctioned off. Tickets range in price from $150 for an individual ticket to $10,000 for corporate sponsorships.

L’Africana is a brand platform built around the design, creation, promotion, and distribution of African fashion, art, music, accessories, culture & cuisine. To date, African-inspired brands have primarily catered to Africans and a small number of non-Africans. L’Africana aspires to be a brand with strong international appeal through the fusion of African aesthetics and sensibilities with modern design, quality, and workmanship.

All proceeds from the event will benefit the MCF Academy for orphans and abandoned children in Monrovia, Liberia. The MCF Academy is the first tuition free boarding school dedicated to orphan and abandoned children in post-war Liberia. The Academy opened its doors on Christmas Day 2010 and will ultimately house and educate 200 children.


Students gather in front of the MCF Academy.


Glamwire’s Featured Author for July is CHRISTINA HAAG

Christina Haag, actress and author, will read from her memoir “Come to the Edge” at Book Hampton in Sag Harbor on Friday, June 24th at 8pm. “Come to the Edge,” a New York Times Bestseller, was excerpted in the April issue of Vanity Fair, and describes the author’s childhood friendship and 5 year romance with John F. Kennedy, Jr. Book Hampton is located at 20 Main Street in Sag Harbor. 631-725-8425

When Christina Haag was growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, John F. Kennedy, Jr. was just one of the boys in her circle of prep school friends, a skinny kid who lived with his mother and sister on Fifth Avenue and who happened to have a secret service detail following him at a discreet distance at all times.

A decade later, after they had both graduated from Brown University and were both living in New York City, Christina and John were acting together in an off-Broadway play. It was then that John confessed his long-standing crush on her, and they embarked on a five-year love affair. Glamorous and often in the public eye, but also passionate and deeply intimate, their relationship was transformative for both of them. With exquisite prose, Haag paints a portrait of a young man with an enormous capacity for love, and an adventurous spirit that drove him to live life to its fullest.

A haunting book, “Come to the Edge” is a lasting evocation of a time and a place—of the indelible sting of the loss of young love, and of the people who shape you and remain with you, whether in person or in spirit. It is about being young and full of hope, with all the potential of your life as yet unfulfilled, and of coming of age at a moment in New York’s history when the city at once held danger, magic, and endless possibilities for self-discovery.

Rarely has a love story been told so beautifully.

What the critics are saying:

Haag’s memoir… doesn’t bow to tabloid sensationalism; instead she gently dusts off her tender, aching memories and bravely holds them to the light. ––LA Times

Something of a miracle…the most honest, most thoughtfully rendered and most memorable memoir of young love published in recent years. It is a remarkable work. ––New York Journal of Books

Come to the Edge perfectly captures what it feels like to be young and in love – the giddiness, the lunacy, the madcap swings between exhilaration and despair. ––Entertainment Weekly

Tender…Vivid…Moving ––Providence Journal

Spellbinding…An honest, heartfelt account of love, politics and tragedy. ––Kirkus Reviews

A tale of aching, unresolved love…Haag lyrically and precisely recaptures the frenetic ecstasy of early love ––Washington Post

Click here to buy the book

Friend Christina on Facebook



The Glamwire Interview: Molly Jong-Fast

Molly Jong-Fast is Glamwire’s Author of the Month for May.

She spoke to Glamwire about her novel “The Social Climbers Handbook” released on April 26.

Stephanie: Hi Molly!!! Thank you SO much for speaking to me!

Molly Jong-Fast: Oh, of course!

Stephanie: I LOVED your new book, “The Social Climber’s Handbook.” I couldn’t put it down.

Molly Jong-Fast: Oh, thank you!!!

Stephanie: So, I first became familiar with your family because your mother, Erica Jong’s book, “Fear of Flying” was one of my mother’s favorite books! My older sister just reminded me of this when I was telling her about your book (She pre-ordered it on Amazon). I will always remember that book on the shelf, right next to, what is it, “Are you Ok, I am Ok” or something like that?

Molly Jong-Fast: Yeah, “I’m Ok, You’re Ok!”

Stephanie: Hahahha Right!! And then there was your mother’s classic, “Fear of Flying,” And so even though I myself had a fear flying which manifested in a fear of reading “Fear of Flying,” one day, I just went for it, and I laughed through the whole book. Maybe it actually cured of me of my fear of flying!

Molly Jong-Fast: Hahahaha.

Stephanie: So anyway, I was really excited to see that you had become a writer yourself.

Molly Jong-Fast: Awwww.

Stephanie: I just really have to hand it to you because you are REALLY GOOD. I’m not a critic or anything, but let’s face it; it could have gone either way. You know what I mean?

Molly Jong-Fast: Without question.

Stephanie: Ok, so let’s talk about “Girl Maladjusted.”

Molly Jong-Fast: Okay.

Stephanie: That was a hilarious memoir. It was pretty much a bunch of essays.

Molly Jong-Fast: Yes. Essays about growing up.

Stephanie: Those stories about your grandmothers were hilarious! The first book you wrote was “Normal Girl.”

Molly Jong-Fast: Yes.

Stephanie: Can you tell our readers a little bit about that?

Molly Jong-Fast: I think that that book was very auto biographical. I was really young, and I didn’t want to go back to college, so I decided that if I wrote a book, my mom and my dad wouldn’t make me go back to college. Cuz I had dropped out of college. And I didn’t want to have to go back.

Stephanie: That is SO FUNNY! Was this Bennington?

Molly Jong-Fast: No. It was Barnard.

Stephanie: Oh wow!

Molly Jong-Fast: So I dropped out, and then that’s what happened.

Stephanie: So how did that go over with your parents?

Molly Jong-Fast: They were happy that I did it. I think they were happy that I did it, and also that I wasn’t going to totally just be a drop-out.

Stephanie: So that is how that came about. And you ACTUALLY went and wrote a VERY GOOD BOOK!

Molly Jong-Fast: Oh, well, thank you!

Stephanie: You’re welcome! I guess, thank your parents! So, I wonder what that says about the circumstances, which forced you to be able to write that first book? Do you think that you would have become a writer eventually, or do you think that the process of having had that pressure on you to produce it, to get everyone off your back, kind of made that decision for you or did you always WANT to be a writer?

Molly Jong-Fast: I think that you don’t assume that you can be a writer until you’ve seen people do it. You know?

Stephanie: Yeah! And are you referring to you mother when you say, “…seen people do it?”

Molly Jong-Fast: Yeah! When you are raised with it, you see that that is something you could actually do. You see that it’s an actual career path, which you don’t see. Also it has to be something that you’re interested in, that you’re passionate about. I’m not sure that I was either at first. I just needed to do something, and since I’d seen a lot of people do this, I thought that it would be something easy to do. It turns out that it’s NOT! I absolutely could not have been more wrong. It’s really hard. I didn’t know that. You know?

Stephanie: Absolutely, and maybe that is what is needed for people to get over their writers’ blocks; you don’t think about whether you are passionate or motivated and you just write it.

Molly Jong-Fast: Yeah, well that’s certainly true.

Stephanie: Well that is what you did, and guess what? You’re good! To be a writer means to actually have the talent, which you do, AND to be able to live that life and to have the discipline required to really do it. Okay, so moving on, your second book was “Girl Maladjusted.”

Molly Jong-Fast: Second books are very difficult.

Stephanie: I’ve heard that!!!

Molly Jong-Fast: Yeah, because you are super self-conscious. You don’t have the confidence that goes along with having written many books. I didn’t take for grated that there would be another book, and I just felt so stifled by my first book. Also, there is a lot of pressure from publishers to publish ALL THE TIME, and I just don’t work that way. That is just not who I am so, I just don’t publish that often.

Stephanie: It’s almost like you have to practice restraint in this day and age. From my perspective it is almost a luxury to not need to publish frequently, kind of on par with how actors are able to pick and choose their roles. It was so refreshing to read “Girl Maladjusted” in relation to your first book. It was so hysterically funny! Can you tell us where you were when writing this, and how it evolved?

Molly Jong-Fast: My first book was really in some ways, a memoir, This one is very different. People didn’t really like it. I like it. It was supposed to be funny essays and I was happy to write it because it really was my dad’s idea, and it was really nice, like I felt like even though there were a lot of critical things about my family, I felt that for me, it was kind of like an homage to them.

Stephanie: I totally saw it as an homage! It was written with such love. I didn’t see it as being mean spirited at all. I absolutely loved it! I think you should re-release it. I just don’t think it got enough attention. That story about your grandfather marrying his secretary!? Too funny!

Molly Jong-Fast: Yeah, that was really sad. I wish it wasn’t true…but it was

Stephanie: Well, this book seemed to pave the way for your third book, “The Social Climber’s Handbook,” which was not autobiographical.

Molly Jong-Fast: I was trying to get there…

Stephanie: It’s kind of the you exorcized all of the demons of childhood in “Normal Girl,” and then in “Girl Maladjusted” you showed a lot of growth because you were able to take the focus off of yourself and what was going on in your life, and place it onto hilarious loving descriptions and slices of others’ lives.

Molly Jong-Fast: Well I’m trying. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Stephanie: Well, Mission Accomplished!

Molly Jong-Fast: Thank you!

Stephanie: So now, I am so excited to move to your most recent novel, “The Social Climber’s Handbook” being released TODAY (April 26, 2011. Villard). So, this book is BRILLIANT! This book demonstrates, for me, that you REALLY ARE a writer. Did you feel that way?

Molly Jong-Fast: I just feel like. “I REALLY want it to sell enough copies so I can write another book! I have no pride in terms of the promotion of this book. I feel really invested in this one, and I am not too proud to say that I REALLY want people to read it and like it, so that I can write another book. I just want it to do. Well. That is ALL that I want.

Stephanie: Absolutely! I totally get that. You are saying that you want to be present and available for the marketing and promotion of this book wholeheartedly, recognizing that is a necessary evil. You are happy to do the work. You are not going to be “too cool for school” and risk the chance of no one knowing about it and buying it.

Molly Jong-Fast: Exactly.

Stephanie: This book stayed with me for a long time. Actually, I wanted to ask you, am I crazy, that I found Daisy Greenbaum to be somewhat likable???

Molly Jong-Fast: No, that’s good! That’s the goal. That’s what you want.
Our goal is for Daisy to be likable.

Stephanie: Ok, good! Because she was doing these unspeakable things, and yet, she seemed like a nice woman.

Molly Jong-Fast: Yes, it’s true.

Stephanie: I guess it was that the characters around her were all so corrupt that it almost made her seem quite sane, logical and productive. Why don’t you start by telling our readers a little bit about the plot?

Molly Jong-Fast: It’s a story of a woman whose husband works at a proprietary trading desk, and he discovers that what he does in his job is actually undermining the entire American economy. He decides to try to stop it and fix things, and instead ends up angering his boss, who in turn, goes ballistic threatens to fire him. When his wife, Daisy, finds out about this, she figures out that the only possible way to save him is to murder his boss, with whom she has had an ongoing liaison. This establishes a pattern of murdering people who threaten her family’s happiness and prosperity. It becomes her new way of solving problems.

Stephanie: As funny as the book was, and I laughed a LOT, It is also scary because it is not so far from reality at this point, with all of the crazy things going on in the world. In the newspapers today, it just seems that more and more people have lost all sense of boundaries when it comes to how they use violence to solve their problems; with the influx of news about serial killers, spouses/lovers killing each other, themselves, innocent people, etc. It’s actually a very subtle manifestation of that same climate.

Molly Jong-Fast: Yeah, and also with all of the crazy stuff going on in the financial world, I really thought it was realistic.

Stephanie: The information about the fall of the economy, or this past recession is so accurate. You have an incredible grasp on the financial world and how it operates. It felt very authentic without being overbearing. I actually understand it all a lot more now! How did you manage that?

Molly Jong-Fast: Well, I am married to a man who works in finance, and I think I also just know a lot about that world. My feeling is that Daisy is doing what she feels she has to do to get by, which is what we are all doing, on some level.

Stephanie: Did you have particular people in mind, say for Dick and Daisy Greenbaums’ characters?

Molly Jong-Fast: I feel like I know so many people like them.

Stephanie: I like how it felt so current and the characters were so richly created that they felt real. It was the perfect combination of real facts and fictitious people and that you created and brought to life..

Molly Jong-Fast: Well, thank you; that’s the goal. That’s what you want to do. That’s what you want, you know?

Stephanie: I could really see this as a movie. This is a very exciting story. If you had to cast the part of Daisy, do you have anyone in mind?

Molly Jong-Fast: I would love to see this made into a movie. I think the actress I would pick for Daisy would be a lot more beautiful than what I actually had in mind.

Stephanie: Well that’s cool. So you are saying that you would cast someone more glamorous than what you were picturing while writing the book, to give it the Hollywood treatment.

Molly Jong-Fast: Exactly.

Stephanie: So, are you working on another book already?

Molly Jong-Fast: Well, I’m trying to figure out what to do. It’s in the very early stages. I have a bunch of ideas and I’m trying to figure out what to do.

Stephanie: Ok, so you’re in the really early stages.

Molly Jong-Fast: Yes. I would say, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY early stages.

Stephanie: I just have to say that I LOVED this book!

Molly Jong-Fast: Awww, thank you. That is so good to hear. I hope a lot of people read it!

Stephanie: What is you favorite music right now?

Molly Jong-Fast: I like Galaxy 500.

Stephanie: Cool! I’ll check that out. And you have three kids, right?

Molly Jong-Fast: Yes.

Stephanie: Amazing! You must be the BEST mom!

Molly Jong-Fast: No!

Stephanie: Oh everyone says that! You don’t HAVE to be THE BEST anyway! It’s all RELATIVE, no pun intended.

Molly Jong-Fast: I’m ok. I’m good.

Stephanie: Ok, wonderful! So, you’re not a vegetarian, are you?

Molly Jong-Fast: No! I eat meat. And I love sugar. I have a REAL sugar problem.

Stephanie: What’s your favorite candy? Do you like Reese’s peanut butter cups?

Molly Jong-Fast: Um, I don’t like peanut butter, but I LOVE Swedish Fish.

Stephanie: My sister loves those. Ok, I get it. So you like the gummy family.

Molly Jong-Fast: Yeah. I love GUMMY anything. Anything gummy.

Stephanie: That’s fabulous! So isn’t that nice that your mom and dad are still alive, and you see them often…

Molly Jong-Fast: Yeah. I REALLY love my parents. They’re really cute. I love them.

Stephanie: That’s so sweet. And see, that is also why you are probably a fantastic mom; because you have seen good parenting and have very strong family bonds. I love that. So for how long have you been married?

Molly Jong-Fast: I’ve been married for almost ten years.

Stephanie: Wow! Excellent! Well, listen, you are just fantastic. I LOVED all of your books, especially the new novel, “The Social Climber’s handbook.” I LOVED IT!! I personally hope that a lot of people buy it, because we all at Glamwire want you to keep WRITING!!!! THANK YOU for being our Featured Novelist for May.

Molly Jong-Fast: Thank you!