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  • First Solar Intercontinental Flight

    A Swiss adventurer is flying an experimental solar-powered plane from southern Europe toward northern Africa in a bid to complete the world’s first inter-continental flight by an aircraft without using fuel. Bertrand Piccard took off from the Spanish capital Madrid, early Tuesday aboard the Solar Impulse plane on a 2,500 kilometer journey to the Moroccan […]

    Glamwire TV

    Right now Glamwire Tv is not loading because of insane traffic. Sorry. The Glamwire Team will continue to run tests. Thanks for your beautiful and fabulous support. More folks we want to interview on Glamwire TV; THIS MEANS YOU: Malo, Built by Wendy, Charlotte Ronson, Rodnik Concert, Rodarte, Cynthia Steel, Tiffany Koury, Tory Burch , […]