Season Ends in Palm Beach

Milon Henry Levine passes out from sunstroke while dancing on a table with a Lithuanian Waitress in a Greek Restaurant at the Palm Beach International Film festival, which was not held in Palm Beach proper, but rather in a restaurant called “Shecky’s” 150 miles south of Palm Beach, In all seriousness, the Fest was intimate, informative and well programmed, and more coverage from field reporter MHL is under way.

Our Favorite Coconuts: Gilda Brunetti ,James Wells,Bob Hill,Ruth Lane,Roger Baumann Joan Abrams, David Friedman, Arthur Gronet, Arthur T Gronet
John L Miller, JrJames Ra,Johanna Chait Essex,David David
Marilyn Faith,Dick Schneider,Madelyn Wechsler Edelson Robert Hales, Bob Patane ,Basil (Bud) Presti,Ronald Shapiro,Tass von Schmidt-Pauli Frances Zeblisky Truss,Howard Sodokoff, Nancy (Henson) Hey, Nancy Abrams Ackerman,Lois Archer,Bach Ken Boettcher, Raymond Dempsey, Edward di Butera,Richard Effros Joseph Eichberg,Judy Burns Fippinger,Sheldon Freeman, and Rich From Totally Cool Del Rey magazine.


Details’ Chris Mitchell to Wired as Publisher In his return to the title, he succeeds Jay Lauf, who moved to The Atlantic as publisher, and reports to David Carey, group president. Happy Birthday Irvin Quintus Levine President and CEO of Georgia Fabrics turns 87 today. Upcoming birthdays: Alison Goldfrapp, Terron Wood, Tina Livanos, Bruce Ratner, […]

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  • The Glamorous Traveller

    Laguna Beach is Glamwire’s favorite beach on the contintental US. Tara Reid, Bert Lancaster, James Belushi, Porfirio Rubirosa, Gillian Pothier, Bob Weir and the entire cast of Laguna Beach agree. And when you get to Laguna, remember, there is only one Montage Laguna Resort And Spa. Specializing in Ocean based treaments like this one: “OCEAN […]

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  • Counter Spy Shop (Holiday Tip #3)

    This is the original James Bond shop. Here you’ll find a wide variety of products to ensure privacy, security and safety. The shop’s newest addition is the Truth Phone, which joins a full range of spy cameras, bug/tap alerts, nightvision devices, personal protection gear, and other executive tools and toys. 444 Madison Ave between 49th […]