A Beki "Pina Colada" Christmas

Tree People (The Musical) Sondheim/Thomas….with an indroduction by Berle Ives.

Back where I come from Pink Hair at Christmas on a A Possum meant it was going to be a banner year for corn, but a so-so year for wheat. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!! – Berle Ives

Tree people….The original book from which Sondheim wrote the music….by Beki “Pina Colada” Thomas!

It’s Christmas Time…there’s no need to be afraid….OR IS THERE!!??

Nooooooo! We love the tree people!
I don’t know if it’s just me..but there’s tree people everywhere in NYC and they’re all a bit craaayzeeee…I’ve never noticed tree people in Australia.. I don’t even know if we have them…(i’m talkin’ bout Xmas tree selling people Willis)…
They sleep in their trailer….like Carnies and have parties and go to the nearest cafe to shower and freshen up…

The ‘SoHo Trees’ Tree people even have film and TV crews camped out documenting their weird lives…probably coz they seem to be the craziest ones around….I’m gonna go and spy on them later tonite to see what reeeaaally goes on after hours…he hee heeee.

Y’see, it’s just more Christmasy in general here in New York….with the snow and the lighting of the big tree at Rockefeller and eggnog and everyone rugged up and decorations and fairy lights and santa at Macys and…. when I was little all the Christmas movies were all like that.

Our Aussie Chrissie is spent sunbaking by the pool, eating seafood, having BBQs and New Years is spent frollicking at the beach, with slabs of beer buried in the sand….so yeah it’s different….gonna miss doin it OZ-style (and my family of course) but I feel blessed and excited to be here experiencing my first white Christmas!!

Gonna miss the tree people too when the clock strikes 12 on Xmas Eve and they all turn into pumpkins and go back to their day jobs as Broadway actors, musos, writers and whatever else they do for the rest of the year.
****MERRY MERRY***!!!!!