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DENVER AUGUST 27TH, 2008 6.57 PM

Thursday, August 28th, 2008


Our old friends the Missle Dick Chicks hit the scene. Hatched at the best party in New York, Rubulad, led by Sari Rubenstein (at right), one of the original Parents, the Missle Dick Chicks blast off next to the Pepsi center last night. The undertoe of this convention has been, to be honest, a pack of really angry women that the Democratic party is trying to sweep under the Invesco Center tonight as they cling to the belief that Hillary Clinton is in fact the nominee and after the roll call yesterday, which these women assumed Hillary would win..the law suits will begin.

The Missle Dick Chicks are not what we are talking about here. They are just rip roarin’ gals from Crawford Texas out for a good time…and we will see them again in Minneapolis, and in fact will ride on their friggin’ art float, in the upcoming parade there . Yessir.

Marc Jacobs: Young and Pretentious

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

And okay, maybe kind of very talented.

Up in Bennington, back in the 80s, our own Glamwire cheif executive Milon Henry Levine was a member of the band “The Parents” featuring midwestern tv star Rich Cronfeld, screenwriter Mathew Weiss, novelist Bret Easton Ellis, and Blue Man Group Star Chris Bowen. One of our most notable numbers was called “I Used To Love You, but Now You’re Young and Pretentious. ” This is how we at The Wire feel about Marc Jacob’s Fall ’07 collection. Marc Jacobs played host to a real panicky, football stadium like scene out there at the armory last night…and the show just seemed to kick forth a totally pretentious vibe. Now maybe that was just because Glamwire staff fotog Cal Rhodes was kicked out of the Italian Vogue area right at the end of the runway (and those alarming Israeli Women from Hatzerim Magazine managed to hold their positions–a note on tenaciousness for sure), but the whole thing looked like some sketches tossed off by a staffer at WWD in 1927. Still, the images do not lie, they do not get uncomfortable waiting for the show, staring nervously at two Israeli women blinking defiantly at end of the runway) there is some heavy duty righteous obvious gift woven into that pretentiousness. Lenny Kravitz, Uma Thurman, Russell Simmons, Patrick McMullen and a slew of other Top Tier New Yorkers also were asked to leave the Italian Vogue area.

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