Osterio De Circo con Spadoni

We at Glamwire hold to the airtight conclusion that one cannot travel about a room with a sign above one’s head that says “Stepano is here” (above, left) and be glamorous, but Mr. Stephano Spadoni deserves credit for working on bringing a personal twist on Italian Glamour to New York City. And partnering up with Sirio Maccioni certainly does not hurt his cause. His web site is great for anyone who is an Italiano-file, as the entire staff at Glamwire definitely is. And last night’s Eva Pal Resort Collection at Osterio De Circo, featured luxurious and elaborate and really unique lookin’ one piece and bikini swimwear (above, right) that Glamwire gives a hearty thumbs up to. Our new Pal looks mighty talented. Rock on Mr. Spadoni!

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