The Glamorous Man (Tie Tip #2)

Overheard in NYC: “I’ve inherited only one thing from my father…the ability to ruin really nice ties.” Glamwire recomends, first off, just being really careful out there. You CAN avoid this…but hey, if you don’t feel like tucking a napkin under your chin and you remain sort of an interminable basket case, well, then you may ask Seigo the world class tie maker (photo above), as we did, who is the best tie cleaner in NYC–there is only one answer: Tiecrafters. These guys are insane. This is a heavy duty tip for anyone. Live in Finland? Take ten ties and Fed-Ex them to Tiecrafters. It’s a four tie minimum at $9.50 a tie, but forty dollars is a small price to pay to begin a journey towards genuinely elegant neckwear.

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