Fashion: It Started with a Tie Is Heather Arnerson The Next Ralph Lauren?

The Heavyweights weigh in with the Verdict. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Michael Gross, the author of “, The Real Story of Ralph Lauren,” writes, “Nooses for Deuces, Heather Arnesan’s new tie line, represents the can-do spirit of America that RL has always been all about! If you can dream it, be it! Nooses suggess that you can hang yourself with your own necktie after your business is destroyed and totally goes down the tubes! Holy American Dream! Be it!

In all seriousness, while H.A.s terminology may need some work, this St. Louis Park, Minnesota based designer has a tie with the word “Spank” on it, and hey, we at Glamwire are pretty conservative and wear solid Seigo ties–woven on Japanese kimono looms–only (at least most of the time) but on Thursdays, our Grey Suit, Colored Shirt, Patterned Tie Day, we’d wear that tie. Heather’s looking for investors. Write her at

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