Heatherette Feb 6, 2007

Our two favorite shows happen on the same day in Bryant Park, and they are Betsey Johnson and Heatherette. Heatherette is a line that was founded by a former competitive horseman Travor Reins, from Montana, and a former competitive ice skater named Richie Rich, who came to New York from Cali and made a living as a “Club Kid.” The line was founded in 1999, and by 2007, they have totally put a stamp on the very notion of what a fashion show is. They reserve the front row for their “Kids” presumably kids from the NY club scene. During rehearsal a gal from Peoples Revolution told the kids that if anyone tried to get them out of their seats, call security. Dancing, best use of music, and always a dramatic use of some kind of combination of celebrity models… is their bag, This was an Oz theme, and it, more than anything out there, reminds us that New York can be as romantic to young people as it was when Bill Blass came in 1947 after the war and started looking for work. Old kids too. I was not surprised to see 90 year old club kid Zelda Kaplan looking on. Aesthetically we liked the line better than the Spring…this is a kind of Terminator Chili put everything on it style…amped up for fall. Because its amped up for fall, because there is just more of more for fall, it just looks better. You don’t need anyone to review Betsey Johnson…if you can’t get off on her spirit, and derive the love from one of her outfits, we recommend going to a Betsey Johnson Boutique and asking a clerk to give you a therapy session. You WILL get it. And your life will some kind of sliver better for it, as is ours.

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