President World Premiere At Cannes

President debuted at Cannes on May 24th at 8:30 PM in the tiny Palais E, in the Grand Palais at Cannes. Despite “Oceans 13,” Julian Lennon‘s “Whaledreamers,” and a popular film on Silvio Berlusconi all playing concurrently with President in the Palais, President played to a packed house, and our own Leonard Fujiyama, who attended the seance, has these thoughts on the film:

“‘President’ may be the most important and entertaining political documentary of our time. A film commited to the preservation and integrity of democracy, packed with animation and humour and great moments with all kinds of wonderfull interesting and talented people, Milon Henry Levine (above) seems to have found his voice with this wild and eccentric, yet powerfully focused feature doc. It’s a film in which even Christopher Hitchens gets into the act and performs a little fictional skit along with serious interviews that he gives throughout the film, Most importantly, the film stands as a testimony to what legislation can do, and it believes that Rush Holt‘s HR 811 must be passed to hold machines accountable in voting and eventually in all other aspects of business and life. Also the film argues that presidential elections should taken out of the hands of “State’s Rights” as states are partisan entities. It argued this in a way that came off like a “Tarnation” of poltical docs, a lot of handmade, homgrown media that capitvated and was flat out very funny and smart.”

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