Betsey Johnson Fall ’08

There is a feeling that sixties free spirited, Love Above All vibe really takes hold in New York. At least during Fashion Week. We’ve mentioned that feel to shows by Erin Fetherston, Sass and Bide, G-Starm, Miss Sixty, and bohemia is always directly behind Heatherrette, which will not show this season, possibly directly due to eccessive bohemia. When Diane Furstenburg shows on Sunday, you are dealing with one of the lions of the early 70s coming out of the 60s, and that vibe reaches its absolute apex, with the everloving Betsey Johnson. I don’t think there has ever been a Betsey Johnson show where she does not play “Lowrider” at least once (sometimes she returns to it several times during a show). The tables are always there, Russel Simmons always seems to have the same spot, I have the same spot some 300 yards behind Russel Simmons. Betsey always does her Cartwheel and brings out a grandchild….its amazing. 30 looks from the new collection and 18 of her all time greatest to celebrate the 30th year. Always one of the sexiest, lively and heartwarming shows at New York Fashion Week.

— Milon Henry Levine, Senior Reporter