Bill Blass Fall ’08

“I happen to like New York,” sang out Bobby Short, and presumably, Bill Blass may have sang that out too every once in a while. Right before he died, Blass said he always carried in his wallet a picture of a young man he came to New York with from Ft. Wayne Indiana in 1939. The young man lost his life in World War II. Bill Blass’s work is eternally about the young people he met in the early 40s, having drinks and seeing picture shows…after their bustling working days in this magnificent metropolis. Peter Soms’ first collection for Bill Blass completely captures that….as Peter Brandt and Glenn O’Brien work to be true to Warhol as the guard changes at Interview…Som was enitrely true to Blass in his first BB Collection. These are power suits and azure trench coat and noir fedoras…the only other vibe here seems to be the latin tinged party dress…it’s not just the 40’s …it’s Bill Blass waking up on September 23rd, 1940, when he just turned, in fact, 18 years old and was already succeeding as a designer in New York City….that moment took the entire fashion world by storm and Som did us a great service to make a collection that crystalizes it.

–Milon Henry Levine, Senior Reporter

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