Custo Barcelona Fall ’08

If Bill Blass seems to be rooted in a time and place..Custo Barcelona…despite the name of designer Custo Dalmau’s company, is rooted in Custo. With menswear that would be hard for this reporter to wear, though it looks fun on, you know, very thinnish men, Custo has a magnificent feeling for women and every part of his show refects that, including his menswear. From the hair, to the patterns, to the fabrics, to the bopping Eurolads next to them….Custo women are energized and entering flat-out heavy duty bomshellocity. Note to You: These clothes DO bring out the drop-dead inner bombshell…. always good news to the Glamwire News Team. Sure, the styling makes it happen in this show as well. Old timers complain about the rise of styling on the runway…and if you don’t have this hair… proceed cautiously with Custo at your favorite department store…Truthfully though the clothes will look great on a lot of women….the width of this collection’s style is there. Hillary Clinton and Georgette Moschburger would look great in some of the dresses and that stunning grey and read mohair coat (Custo #3). For young and the more courageous old, this is a wildly original and energizing collection and it stamps the style of this talented designer on the New York runways.

–Milon Henry Levine, Senior Reporter

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