Rock and Republic Fall ’08

Rock and Republic is another company built upon jeans. Started 5 years ago in La, when CEO Michael Ball made a pair of jeans for his girlfriend, today R&R does well over $100 million a year and did a major show in Bryant Park here tonight, replete with a rock orchestra, strings, guitars, horns, and piano accompanying a medley of history’s greatest rock numbers, ending with the great Sargent Peppers’ Beatle’s orgasmic crescendo ending. Some of the best fashion shows work very well as theatre and clearly Rock and Republic put up a really memorable, grand, totally huge show. The clothes, well…rocked. Black and Purple only, lots of leather…making elegance out of hard rock. Bell and his partner Andrea Bernholtz have tapped into something Peter Morgan over at the Hard Rock Cafe has known for a while…rock and roll still sells… alot. Ball’s look is original and great…he is a fashion natural and a newly minted serious player. They say their look is meant to be sillouette inspired…and our crack photo coverage is meant to, um, pick up on that.

–Milon Henry Levine, Senior Reporter