Zac Posen Fall ’08 (or "Goddamn You Dan Lecca!")

Sometimes what has come to be known as “The Glamwire Spot” is not as totally amazing as it is cracked up to be, though this reporter is constantly staring into the glasses of Vogue’s notorious top editor, who I am convinced is flirting aggressively with me (it may actually be that she kind of has to look my way when the models come back down the runway after an outfit has sparked a 2nd look). The Spot is usually, like, 30 yards to either side of Legendary House Photog Dan Lecca….who, with a whole boadload of photogs armed with fixed 400mm lenses…can get THE SHOT and could also get the shot if the shot was in Japan while Dan and his team remained planted in the center of a pack of unbelievably resilient photojournalists on the end of a runway on 41st Street. Though, for the Glamwire Collection, we eeked out very few images here, becuase we are not Dan Lecca and almost never get The Shot….the one to go with would be Karen Elson, legend, wife of Jack White, tumbler on runways, who fell at the top of her walk and was helped up by Piddy…in her dreamy dove gown. Was the mood “French” as legendary Ocean Drive Magazine fashion journalist Laurie Brookins told me after the show? Well, with striped silk men’s shirts and navy-dutchess-satin pants and navy-silk-bow dresses and dove-grey-chiffon dresses with jeweled-bows I’d say….no, the mood was Welsh, my friend. Seriously…totally Welsh. Actually, sure, a silk-tulle-feather-cape with black panne-velvet bow over a nude chiffon dress–which we have two photos of above–IS actually really very French and would be admitedly utterly very striking if worn by a Cymraeg crowing, coal covered freshman at the Cardiff International School of Drama. But when that nude-and-ivory fairytale or that frambroise-and-dove fairytale gown comes out, you’re in Zac Posen’s fairytale…it always causes a kind of gasp under the tents…a kind of very-French-with-some-Prince-of-Wales-Schoolboy-Suits-worked-in inspired gasp…..and whatever Dan Lecca is doing begins to feel kinda stock…we will stick with the Glamwire Collection and meet gift with gift. Oh, I’m just kidding….though a fixed 400 mm may be the size of a compact rental car, it is kind of the thing out there.

— Milon Henry Levine, Senior Reporter