Beki "Pina Colada" Thomas On Tap: * <BR>HOLLYWOOD, THE OC AND GUITAR HERO *

Well well well….where do I begin…

I’ll begin with.. “Be careful what you wish for coz you might just get it”…it’s TRUE!

I wanted an adventurous life filled with music, fun, New York, amazing friends, Hollywood, Love!~ – and I got it and it keeps getting better.

Here’s a snippet of two weeks in the life of Beki….

You may or may not know this, but I grew up in a smallish town outside of Melbourne in the beautiful sunburnt country of Australia.
I’m now living in the beautiful but frozen winter wonderland that is New York City, on a Pop n’ Roll musical journey singing/songwriting in my band Beki & The Bullets.
I’m also on a personal quest to create a life of as much fun and happiness as possible.
As I write this, I’m on a bus out of Hollywood, I went to a friend’s dinner party last night and sat next to DRACULA of all in ‘DRACULA’….from the original movie…how weird…haha…oh, he was lovely by the way….anyway, moving right along, I’m now on my way to Orange County to a Rock n’ Roll pajama party at my friend’s of which happens to be in one of my favourite bands, Lit, and we wrote a song together last year…gonna be sooooo much fun!
The day before yesterday (New Years Day) I caught a plane (got given a FREE plane ticket from US Airways..can’t be bothered explaining why, but yes, it just appeared) from NYC to LA and of course I was hungover and daydreaming about sleeping on the plane, as ya do, AND…sure enough, I get on and I have not two seats to myself but THREE! So I made a BED with all the blankets and pillows and slept for 5 hours til I heard them announce “We are now descending into Los Angeles” hahaaaaa!
Now lets go back to last week and Christmas…..
I was lucky enough to have been invited to spend a glorious Chrissy with my best friend Nik’s wife (Erin)’s family in Pittsburgh!…(I’m always talkin’ about Nik – I know) we all met at their wedding in Vegas a couple of months ago and they welcomed me into the family with open arms too !hehehe -So they didn’t just gain a son in law, they got a Bek aswell..
They know how obsessed I am with pina coladas, so on arrival to their home I was greeted with an AMAZING (famous) massive one made by Erins’s dad Terry (Tezza)….and he kept topping it up until …well…I was preeeeetttty tipsy…oops… I think I actually got a bit mad coz we were all playing guitar hero and I didn’t know any of the songs!!..I usually know all the words to just about every song in the World….well, 80’s ones anyway..BUT- they had all these weird ‘record company trying to promote their latest release’ songs and all this emo, hardcore German/Jared Leto and Willie Nelson stuff…and I’m usually the queen of Karaoke hogging the mic, but I didn’t know these mutha flippin’ songs so I didn’t wanna sing it!!!!!!!!!(I’m a y’know – I wanted to get into it and be a show off haha) and the others were like “Beki- just sing the song!!”…and I’m like “You’ve chosen a weird genre- WHY can’t we just do Bon Jovi or something
JEEZUZ!” …..(you can’t choose it though apparently, but I didn’t know that).
Erin’s brother TJ called me a party pooper and I nearly started crying…(he was only joking), but It’s just that the pina coladas had kicked in and I wanted to sing a lovely number that I knew and not just…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! You have to have played this game to understand.
ANYWAY…I tried to be a good sport and humm along in German following the line… Oh Lord…haha… Next time I wanna play the drums.
But don’t get me wrong here kids, I had the best time EVER!! Ate SO much divine food, went on a beer drinking bowling expedition and got to hang out guilt free in pajamas for days and watch weird reality TV…I don’t usually watch TV coz I find my own life more interesting, but as a novelty, I enjoyed watching Celebrity rehab (a bit disturbing actually) and that show with Brett Michaels (HA!)….he has a lovely new wig.
That’s enough about me for today…I’ll continue with more stories soon- there’s too many and I
….I…dunno…next time I’m gonna talk about boys, girls.