Beki “Pina Collada” Thomas/the Glamspatch

11 THINGS TO DO THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL WARM AND FUZZY. (these are all tried and tested by yours truly)

1. Sit in the window at Veracruz on Bedford Ave with friends, have a Pina Colada and people watch.
2. Go to a rooftop party and bask in the glory of the view of Manhattan.
3. Have a latte that was made with love.
4. Spend the day at the beach with your mates, then go and have fish n chips n beer with bare feet and messy hair.
5. Listen to ‘Magic’ by Olivia Newton John.
(Editors Note: Will do!)
6. Buy crispy new white sheets, pillows, and all that stuff and make your bed like a glamorous hotel room bed and have a bath and get in it.
7. Go to the gym if you don’t feel like it- make yourself do a huge workout and then freshen up and I promise you’ll feel amazing.

8. Go and see Semi Precious Weapons, get up the front and go crazy like a teenager…even if u think you’re old.
9. Go to the laundrymat on a rainy Sunday in Brooklyn and end up doing your washing with a an extremely good looking and cool Armani model.
10. Go on adventures, meet interesting new people, find them on facebook and BOB’S UR UNCLE.
11. Realize your dreams can come true – if you believe it…if that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy then you need to start dreamin’!!!!!!

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