The Glamwire Pome

SPRING HAS SPRUNG …a silly little pome by BEKi “PINa COLADa” THOMAs who has just returned to NYC from sunny Melbourne….where Bob literally is her uncle.

Spring has sprung the time has come
to put our cloaks away
there’s no such thing as happy hour
it’s happy days and days
goodbye to New York Eskimos
walking backwards up the street
time for hipsters and ghettto blasters
dancin’ to the beat
flip flops or thongs?
who cares what you call em’
dig em’ out of the closet
the weather is warmin!!
fire up the rooftop
with views of Manhattan
there’s beer in the fridge
shrimps on the barbie are cracklin’ (mate)
astro turf and banana lounges
y’know how it goes
we’ve even got those pink plastic flamingos
The new summer soundtrack’s the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Yep. Yes it is, Yeah Yeah Yeah
What kinda person are you
and what would you rather?
cough medicine in bed
or a PINA COLADA !!!??