Glamwire News May 15th, 2009

cal-9A Hunger Striker has hit the Croissette in Cannes this year.…hunger striking for less noise and more glamour...a better distribution of wealth througout the world...and Two House Seats to  “Hair” on Broadway.


Glamwire French Beareau Chief Francine Di Martini makes the scene, posing as a French Starlet.

She is a French Starlet this is not as hard as it seems. 

Day 3 at Cannes….A Hunger Striker, still unidentified, strikes in front the Grand Palais earlier today in Cannes, France.  This photograph by Glamwire staff photographer Don Schneider…who was unable to get the Hunger Striker to speak, but jokingly says he got him to commit to attend a screening of Gary Keys “42nd Street” on Monday at  Sceening Pavillion Grey 1 at 11 AM. We have dispatched Glamwire French Bureau Chief Francine Di Martini (above) to investigate.