Hunger At Cannes Day 7


Through the excellent work of Glamwire French Bureau Cheif Francine Di Martine and Glamwire Senior Reporter and Head Research Analyst Donny Wayne Schneider, we’ve been able to get a kind of a Audio Diary from The Hunger Striker, French Photojournalist Phillipe Le Fois (Above)

Harvey Weinstein stopped by the Nigerian Film Pavillion, where I have been stationed today….and told me how chic and thin I looked and said something about hunger striking himself in Arizona after the festival….I thought it was rude…but rude, they say, is what Mr. W. is all about. I met him once, at my photo opening at Gallerie Boudoin Lebon in Paris in 2005. He was, em, totally rude. Anyway, I am striking to put an end to world hunger and genocide. Thats all. I’d love to see less noise more consideration and more civility…I do believe there is a time to get loud but not all the time and this IS an element to my mission…but those claiming I am striking for house seats to “Hair” are categorically incorrect, though “Hair” director Diane Paulus has been very gracious, as has the entire front office at Neiderlander Productions. There seems to be some erratic heartbeat, a feeling of intense dehydration and flashes akin to migraine flashes. The bottom line is, I believe the electronic world will ultimately contribute greatly to the uplifiting of lives of the poorest people…but I’m not sure…greed does extraordinary things…sometimes electronically….so I believe it takes a tuxedoed gent at Cannes to underline the idea that contributing to the genuine well being of the worlds poorest people will, in fact, glamorize the world. A question to you and Michael Bloomberg: why do subways have to be ugly?….why can’t they be lush and glamorous?….you heard me…I said what I said….why do housing projects have to be grotesque? Get it?….Okay…so now you know what I’m all about…. and sure I could really use a croissant and a pastis right about now…but the shock has been how possible this is, one CAN hunger strike for days…it does begin to actually happen….so glamorous subways and low income housing projects are also possible and can and will happen as well. Cheers.” 

Philippe Le Fois, May 20th 2009