Hunger Strike At Cannes Day 5

flo-cal-by-poolGlamwire French Bureau Chief Francine Di Martine offers the hunger striker a sandwich at a party in the hills of Cannes last night for the Weinstein Brothers Film “Nine.” Ms Di Martine gives us this transcript of their conversation.

Francine: Hi…I’m Francine Di Martine…. have a sandwich and a beer.

Hunger Striker: In your dreams Francine….

Francine: How do you feel.

Hunger Striker: Terrible:. Sometime very weak…sometimes very faint…sleeping alot…not moving around alot…but I get flashes of strength and I’m in a Tuxedo…and Mia Farrow came close to doing 22 days,  so 5 days… to a make a statement against any form of starvaton or genocide…I’m okay….and of course anyting for “Hair.” 

Francine : I hear its a fabulous production.

Hunger Striker : Me too. Have you seen it?

Francine: Will you drink water?

Hunger Striker: No.

Francine : Pastis?

Hunger Striker: Okay….hit me. I’ll get a glass. Oh…I’m just kidding

The Hunger Striker faints here….though much  later is seen dancing at “Opera.” Francine said that at the end of the conversation he gave the name of Philip Le Fois.…and said he is a Parisian photo journalist. Intense googling by Glamwire staffer Donny Wayne Schneider revelaed no records of a french photo journlaist named Phillip Le Fois.