Ridic Headline Of the Day

Fake-Rod Real-Pop


Alex Rodriguez injured his leg while faking enthusiam for Melky Cabrera’s game winning base hit last night at Yankee Stadium. “I don’t know man…” A-Rod said…” I ran out there, faked enthusiam, as I’ve been asked to do…and heard a loud pop…at first I thought it was my agent calling on my cell fone which does actually pop….its a focus tool I use…but it was my calf. Thats the last time I fake enthusiam again. I should be inside surrounded by security drinking a banana nut protein shake in the new club house…which is actually pretty swank and fairly secure.”

Note from Dissenting Editor: Anything these guys do …A-Rod is at 32 million dollars year …Jeter and several others are at 20… to actually relish in the game is wonderful…A-Rod is really all about focus and intensity and excellence….its time to come back to that. It was great to see a jubilant Alex Rodriguez out on the field last night….in his first game at the new Yankee Stadium…even though he looked like the athlete who ate 32 milion dollars, at like Le Dome In LA. The Yankees have always had stars…it’s what New York City is all about….and your headline, which I strongly dissapproved of, is real in one way…A-Rod is a father. Can we not cool it with the dehumization of our fellows…poor or rich?