The Gaye Watkins Report


Gaye Watkins continues to heat up in this incredible report. Glamwire believes in the glamour of the automobile. Tesla makes glamorous electronic automobiles. And  Gaye Watkins is there, with the following report.

“Its Electrifying!!!”

Vroom, vroom!!  That’s what everyone must have heard in their heads when they stepped into a Tesla. Tesla’s were on display at the Tesla party in the IAC building in manhattan and gave test drives across the street at pier 60. They showed off their new designs and complete electric motors. David Letterman believes in the car and owns the roadster coupe estimated at $100,000 designed by the Lotus company. Letterman on his show, sang high praises for the car as he spoke with his guest Elan Musk, CEO of Tesla. Tesla, claims the cars can plug into a 120v, 240v, or 480v outlet, charge about 6 hours and offers approximately 244 to 300 miles per 6 hour charge. It also offers a 45 minute quick charge.

The running joke at Tesla motors is that you have to be at least 6 ft 3 in and handsome like Elan Musk to be an executive. About 6ft  3in himself, handsome designer Franz von Hozlhausen of the $49,000 sedan Model S, joked about his height and said that he has to keep up with Elan. Who wouldn’t want to keep up with Elan. He cashed in his share as a partner in PaypaL and collected a good chunk of change from that deal. Now he’s producing high end electric autos. Elans lovely mother Maye, who still models for the Ford models agency was there as well as other well wishers and staff. I stepped in the roadster and it seems like a fun car.  Yes, you do feel like your sitting on the floor because it sits low and for a woman in a dress you have to come up with a strategy to get out of the car without  looking awkward or showing your business to everyone. But it is a sexy car. So if you want to go green and look fabulous these just might be the cars for you.