Beki “Pina Colada” Thomas Fall Has Fallen


WHAT!!!???   …..But but but…. I haven’t  been  swimming  in the  beach this summer!!!!!!!…my bikini is still tucked away in the top drawer…..QUICK go  to  Coney Island!! (haven’t even been THERE yet eeeeeeek!)

 Ahhhhhhhh! make the most of the Waterfront gigs in Williamsburg and and perfect watermelon from my little fruit shop man..

RUN to Beacon’s Closet and get a cool vintage winter coat before all the good ones are gone!

 But -say goodbye to sweating like a Balinese bushpig though and hello to fresh air in my bedroom instead of  air con pumping all night.

  Say goodbye to sexy New York bare legs and say hello to sexy New York legs in tights and boots.

  Still say hello to hipsters in tight black Jeans and pointy shoes and beards carrying guitars coz that stays the same.

   Say goodbye to “large iced coffe thanx” to “large coffee thanx”.

  Say goodbye to laying on top of the covers in bed to snuggling under the covers (hopefully with someone ooooo )

Say hello to boiling to death on the subway for a different reason (that’s winter actually)

 Say hello to crispy sunny Fall mornings with locals  sweeping out the front yelling out “mornin’!” 

Say hello to happier workmen  staring down from the scafolding “hello pinky”)

 Start getting scared about snow and Antarctic conditions and wonder what to do about it?

     Do I stay in New York or do I go to LA or Australia for a few months??

  Anyway….. Fall (Autumn in Ozzie terms) is here and it’s friggin gorgeous outside… there’s a feeling of wellbeing in the air and a pina colada with my name on it somewhere here in the Big Apple as  always…all year round.