The Glamour of Good

By Glamwire Editor in Chief Milon Henry Levine


Early incantations of the word “Glamour” meant a kind of visceral magic spell….a net of dazzle cast around a certain person or group, and that….is always an idea worth fighting for. Progress is a one step forward/onehundred steps back kind of a deal, and in that many things get sacrificed. The pristine, perfectly put together vision of earliar times (see “Vertigo,” let’s say, by Alfred Hitchcock) which certain stylish filmmakers and image makers grasp for today, may, on the subway, definitely be a thing of the past….but one sliver of glam my generation and subsequent generations seem to actually be getting right…is the Glamour of Good.

Two days after Martin Luther King’s Birthday and in the midst of an international crises that so far has brought on a ton of selfless giving from people all over the world through the magical, dazzling spell of electronics (which most assuredly has a long way to go) today is the first anniversary of the election of Barack Obama, a thing seen mainly around the world as both glamorous and very good.

Last night in Massachussettes we were reminded that American ideas of what good is are not uniformly agreed upon. And so with that in mind, I am beginning, along with our European editor Lars Toneberg in Malmo, Sweden, and Asian Editor Leonard Fujiyama in Tokyo, a column that gives you places to go, that hopefully help you to genuinely achieve the goal of helping other folks out…and we’d argue that, today, this is a most edifying and rewarding idea…and one that can be imbued way further with that old magical dust and twinkle of glamour.

This is kind of a wake up call to myself to be able to one day genuinely do more on other folks behalf. Because doing that, like conjuring up the mist of glamour, is not easy.

This column is dedicated to doing both.

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