Malan Breton Fall 10

PAOLO ALERT!!!!! Right now as it stands, Malan Breton is totally the front runner for the very first Glamwire Paolo Award…for best show of the season. This kid is a total gem. Someone who started selling menswear at Barneys….and is here now. I happen to like New York you might say.

There are many people that did Project Runway…you and I can can’t name one…okay I can name Wendy Pepper because a friend of mine knows her down in virginia….but forget it….you really can’t name one. I can’t at least.

Malan’s show just IS glamour. A love of shiny metallic fabrics yes….but my ass has a love of shiny metalic fabrics…he’s created an aesthetic of his own with his fabrics and he has slight pieces physically for women that scream sumptuousness and are anything but slight in style. That pushed it over the top for us…in fashion usually slight is slight…go home your not bringing anything. Malan brought the most this season…we (Paolo and I ) think he’ll be bringing quite a bit for seasons to come.

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