Richie Rich Fall 10

Pamsm copy

Its hard for Richie Rich to fuck up a show. His last collection a year ago in Waldorf Astoria Grand Ballroom was magical. I went in with some club kids and through this tricky maze of Waldorf Astoria back corridors (one of the club kids knew the Waldorf really well..) we entered backstage…it was a Hairspray Wonderland. It was like over the top Elves doing their thing….and everyone was really…nice.

At Amnesia…Noel Ashman’s really excellent giant club (if you like really excellent giant clubs)….the show last night was a disaster. They really made a big deal about Pamela Anderson, to the point where it looked like Amanda Lepore was gonna cry…Pam was very very late….there was no space anywhere….and yes the fotogs definitely started booing. A lot. I was next to some Glamour magazine fotog that I can definitely tell you was the most unpleasant person I ever fotographed next to…and she was fairly nice. The operative word was INSANE as in French Revolution/Michal Alig insane. And unfortunately…tired and played out. Look when Tinsley Mortimer bombs down the runway sans cell phone and is utterly really fucking sexy…your doing something right. But it felt arrogant. And arrogant can’t be Richie. Its not his thing….even if the Olympics are playing and he trained with every single one of the competing figure skaters and its a good time to be a world class skater… as Richie most certainly is.

The tour of his and Pam’s line has been doing badly. 20 people showed up in Miami on Feb 3rd, so they WAY over booked this…and they came out defensively arrogant. There’s nothing wrong with having Pamela Anderson be your muse…she’s my muse…and the muse of the entire Glamwire news team. There are trees from whom Pamela Anderson is a muse. And, sure, Richie personally is great in a club…he frigging skates around (now, with two non skating “bodyguards”)… but when he enters unexpected terrain and keeps it ….magical and kind… it’s better. Other than that, as always, the wildest and most entertaining show there is in New York. The Banana Josephine Baker dancer was amazing but when everything is off kilter…the whole place leaves thinking they attended a fashion show that sucked…..And that’s just not Richie Rich.

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