The Paolo Award For Fall 2010


This is Paolo....Paolo shoots accessories only for Digital Milano, a photo agency in Milan. This means when someone comes down the runway he’s shooting bracelets, hats, hand bags…maybe if someone else frm Digital Milano isn’t doing them…shoes. Paolo does not speak a word of English except the words; “Como esti” and, also, probaly the words. “This is my spot, no?” We have always said that Glamwire would begin issuing the greatest awards in fashion…and that they would be called…The Paolos (Tm) We are preparing to award out very first Paolo…for best Runway show 2010. We only saw 22 of them…your nominations are appreciated. Our shows…are all below… We will make an 8 by 10 photobased cartoon by Cal Rhodes….with Paolo saying “Ciao” and the winners name and award category and year emblazoned accross the bottom. We will frame one print of the award with minimal but very tastefull matting (maybe no matting….these questions loom in the face of history) with a gilded very chic frame….we will announce the Paolo here first on Feb 28th before midnight. And then present it to the recipient at the appropriate time. Ladies and gentlemen, we at Glamwire are announce the commencement of the greatest award in fashion History….The Paolo for best Runway Show in New York (London Paris or Milan)

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