The Gaye Watkins Report: OPRAH

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Little did I know seeing the Orpah Show in New York‘s Radio City Music Hall, would be more about the journey than the actual event. Early that morning standing outside of Radio City, I bumped into a new mutual friend I had only met the night before. We made our way around an unending line of mostly women which stretched one square block between sixth and fifth avenue. Word got to me by phone that there was no ticket for me or the mutual friend. I was a bit disappointed. But before and after that call, a calm had come over me. I had dared to do something different and take a chance. If this opportunity was closed to me I would make a new one. I had no Idea that was the theme of the 10th anniversary issue of O Magazine and Oprah’s live show-Shake things up a bit and do something different in your life. Anything!

We decided to continue traveling that square block with no tickets in hand. We spoke of dealing with stress, the happy little surprises in life, and how at times the Universe can show you a new path. We came full circle back to sixth avenue and stood in front of the open doors of Radio City Music Hall just minutes before the live show would begin. Just as we were about to say our goodbye’s and make new plans for our morning, in Oprah Show style, a young woman wearing a headset quickly walked over and asked, would we like tickets? She handed us tickets and we were in! The seat I snagged, sat me orchestra level next to a friend of an Oprah staffer. Earlier, he asked that his extra ticket be given to anyone who needed it. During the show, Oprah walked up the orchestra aisle with people yelling her name and reaching out for a gentle high five or handshake. Wearing her pink sequined skirt by Isaac Mizrahi and make-up by sponsor Loreal, she felt it was a great way to recycle a formal dress and maybe start wearing evening wear for daytime. Oprah has the best curves and clothes of any billionaire out there. Look out Warren Buffett. Although I doubt he’s really looking to compete.

She then introduced her special music guest Christina Aguilera, who carried out a spectacular performance and spoke of motherhood and her work as a UN Ambassador for world hunger. Dr. Phil shook things up and had his mustache shaved live onstage in honor of the days theme. Referring to the missing ‘stache he said, ”I feel a breeze.”. The rest of her dream team, Dr. Oz , Nate Berkus, Suzie Orman, and Adam Glassman also mentioned ways to positively change your day, your life. Orman-” don’t let bad habits come back in good times…Forget credit cards, go back to cash.” Nate and Oprah on designing your home,Oprah- ”Tell a story of who you are.” Nate- ” …Everything tells a story.” Dr. Oz advised sex more often than once a week, ”twice rather than once a week means 3 more years of life! Oprah ended by thanking the audience for taking time out of their busy schedules and making time for her and the show. I almost teared up. This is my second time this month in the presence of a very joyful Billionaire. Perhaps its the beginning of new sage, happy and wealthy compan

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