Ivank More: Ivanka Heads towards Footware

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Expect to see a whole lot more of the Trump name — and not just in real estate news.

Ivanka Trump, businesswoman and first daughter of developer Donald Trump, has already taken on more than her executive role in her father’s company, bowing a namesake, high-end jewelry collection and writing a best-selling book offering young women tips for getting ahead. Now she’s taking on shoes.

Teaming up with Marc Fisher Footwear, the 28-year-old is debuting a complete collection of moderately priced footwear for spring ’11, which includes a mix of stilettos, flip-flops, sneakers and ballet flats. The line, Trump said, showcases her affinity for sophisticated and elegant looks and weaves in contemporary and modern twists.

“There’s a great opportunity to position stylish, yet refined, shoes,” she said of the collection, which debuts at FFANY next week. “What you tend to see are totally unwearable, over-the-top styles, or [looks that are] comfortable to the point of forgoing any appealing aesthetic. I’m going for the middle.”

Though price points are still being worked out, Marc Fisher Footwear President Susan Itzkowitz said the 75-to-100-style line is tentatively priced between $80 and $140 and is being targeted to department stores in the U.S., Canada and Mexico in its first season.

“There’s a real niche for a line like this,” said Itzkowitz. “Every part of the collection will be very reflective of Ivanka, [and] it gives us an opportunity to have a beautifully executed line for that classy, contemporary woman. It gives us a whole new dimension to our business.”

While Trump also has partnered with handbag licensee Mondani on a collection for spring ’11 and spun out her jewelry line to wholesale, the Wharton School of Business grad said she’s content — for now — to focus on these ventures.

“I don’t take these partnerships lightly. It’s about creating a sustainable, long-term business,” she said.

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