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Karen Koeningsberg, Elizabeth Robins, Lindsay McCormick, Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, Nole Marin, Tim Morehouse, Jonathan Niziol and Markus Klinko.

Summer is here. And so was the Skin Cancer Foundation’s First Annual The Night The Stars Shine On event at The Central Park Boathouse just in time with reminders about protection from the sun and the dangers of excessive tanning. They raised funds for awareness about melanoma being one of the most prevalent types of cancers. “C’mon you cougars…”said one person playfully at the podium, urging people to give from their wallets and their hearts in support of the foundations work. For others the casino poker tables were a much more fun way to give. Guests such as America’s Next Top Model Judge Nole Marin, Olympic Fencer Tim Morehouse, and Bravo Network’s Double Exposure personality Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri and others gave the evening an interesting mixture.

“I shouldn’t be here” said 28 year old Jonah Eller Issacs regarding his lengthy experiences with Melanoma. He is a stage 3 skin cancer survivor and approaching yet another surgery. Other supporters that night spoke of lost loved ones whether in their early 20s or mid 50s having died from aggressive melanomas. The lesson to take away from some of this is be yourself and be safe. Whether you have a naturally lighter or darker complexion, embrace it and always use protection from those pesky UVA/UVB rays. And besides, a little cosmetic bronzer and a huge brimmed hat or parasol only helps you keep super chic in NYC. For protection advice and commentary checkout the Skin Cancer Foundation Journal’s 2010 Anti Tanning Issue or go to

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