“Crumble” Heats Up The Big Apple With Its World premiere

Renata Bialkowska and Abel Ferrara heat up the NY Independent Film And Video Festival

Glamwire attended the World premiere of Renata Bialkowska’s steamy short film, Guests included the elegant lead actresses of the film: Oksana Lada (HBO’s The Sopranos); Alexandra Grossi (who was mistaken for Scarlett Johannson by a jet lagged journalist from Japan…she laughed it off and thanked him for the compliment); and AVN Hall of Famer, Brittany Andrews.  Other attendees included filmmaker Abel Ferrara, Producer David Karges, and Producer Martin Hampford. Tickets were sold out, but the director, Renata Bialkowska, gladly gave up her seat, saying, “The more people who see the film, the better!”

Oxana Lada and Alexandra Grossi from “Crumble”

“Crumble” also stars Steven Bauer, who is best known for his role opposite in Al Pacino in “Scarface. Unfortunately Bauer wasn’t able to attend but said on the phone, “I was drawn into playing the complex pimp character of Reda and I liked the energy of the producers. I can’t wait for the LA Premiere!”  The after-party, which was held at The Gates, featured a sponsored vodka bar and many personalities from the film festival, like its Executive Director, Stuart Alson, who commented, “’Crumble’ is a compelling and well made film with an outstanding effort from a first time director, and an unforgettable performance by newcomer Alexandra Grossi.”

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