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At the Americans for UNFPA Awards for the Health and Dignity of Women, at Espace on 42st., Honoree Christy Turlington Burns thanked women for participating in her documentary during one of the most sacred times in their lives while they were giving birth. Christy’s documentary film “No Woman No Cry”, was created according to Christy, so that women would not have to walk in the shoes of other women. UNFPA claims that every minute in the world a woman dies of pregnancy and childbirth. And most of these deaths are preventable. The UNFPA or the United Nations Population Fund, celebrated 5 women regarding their dedication to women worldwide. “With close to 200,000 women escaping death in childbirth each year, we feel optimistic about about our ability to influence policy for the worlds women”, said Anika Rahman, President of Americans for UNFPA.  One of the honorees Teresa Heinz, who is a philanthropist and wife of former Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry, spoke of her gratitude for being recognized as she deals with her own personal bout with cancer. The UNFPA Awards for the Health and Dignity of Women, is built on the same values of female empowerment which the honorees embody. Gemma Daggatt, a UNFPA supporter, spoke of giving back to the Asian and African community in Seattle, Washington by helping them get back on their feet in the US, and her involvement with creating a group of 29 women which has grown into a fundraiser of Approximately 300 to date. A past honoree Laura Klauberg, Senior VP, Global Media for Unilever, spoke of the pride in taking part in the UNFPA fundraiser evening and her satisfaction over Unilever’s involvement with helping women across the world through micro lending, etc. To give your support to UNFPA or for more information go to

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