Glamour Celebrates 20 Years Of Women of the Year!

NEW YORK–November 2, 2010 Brooke Shields led a stellar cast in a reading of Nora and Delia Ephron‘s “Love, Loss and What I Wore” * in Manhattan last night to help celebrate Glamour Magazine‘s 20th anniversary of celebrating Women of the Year.

Nanatasha Lyone, Sherri Shepard and Jaime-Lynn Sieglar rounded out the cast….memorable sketches were “Black” in which Brooke Shields wryly notes:  I feel sorry for people that live in Dallas or Pheonix…cause  they wear things like…Pink.” “Bride” in which Natasha Lyonne and Jaimie Lynn Siegler get married at the end of the sketch. “The Dressing rooms” In which Natasha Lyonne asks the question: “to wear heels or to think?” The performances were just fabulous. If had to name standout: I simply had no idea that Natasha Lyonne was such a raspy riot, but, all of the performers were amazing.

A question and answer conducted by style expert Stacy London had Brooke Shields talking about always wanting to look like someone else and the rest of women on stage talking about always to to look like Brooke… but the core of the evening was about the degree to which clothing can so powerfully accent our lives. There was  a sketch in which Shields leaves a her hubsand for a guy who gets arrested and on the day he’s released from jail ,two and half years later, she wears a brown rain coat and brown boots with nothing else. Later in life the woman becomes  a state senator…and her husband is active in local civic groups. Clothes are fun. Glamour is fun. Glamour is for everybody. WE NEED MUCH MORE OF IT. It is elegant, can be refined, and actually involves… taste. It originated from the concept of a magic dust around a person…we all need a little more magic stardust around ourselves…in today’s world, its really up to ourselves to create that.

We at Glamwire sincerely salute Glamour Magazine on 20 years of Women of  Year.

Story Editor: Stephanie Brooke Friedman

Photo: Cal Rhodes

*”Love Loss and what I Wore” is at the Westside Theatre in Manhattan through early December.

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