The Gaye Watkins Report: Mission Adoptable

Mission Adoptable

Mission Adoptable was the theme of the ASPCA’s Young Friends Benefit at the IAC Building at 555 West 18th Street in NYC. Actor Josh Lucas was the Honorary Chairman for the evening. Supporters for the ASPCA came out to celebrate the continuing efforts of the organization to prevent cruelty to animals across the country. Large and small dogs circulated in the crowd who were up for adoption including a charming little female mixed breed that was part Shih Tzu and Terrier. Faces and info on other adoptable cats and dogs that did not attend were projected on a wide wall. Some guests in attendance were,The Food Networks Anne Burrell, Equestrian Georgina Bloomberg and many others. Staffers and some supporters spoke of their pride about attending the event and as far as staffers are concerned, it is an ongoing job which has had great results. While at one point Josh Lucas preferred to relax by the bar, Georgina Bloomberg and others chose to dance the night away till the bitter end.

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