The Gaye Watkins Report: Park Avenue Gala

Park Avenue Armory Gala

“Come right in!” said the Ring Master in top hat and tails as he stood on a small platform just to the right of a carnival display type liquor bars. At the Park Avenue Armory Gala at park avenue and 67 street, he welcomed guests to ride the 55 ft. Ferris Wheel and other rides. Or perhaps you could win or buy a stuffed animal at the Arcade. While waiters made up of handsome young men and pretty women offered drinks and hors d’oeuvres including large coconut shrimps presented on an edge upright serving board colored in red and white stripes, as if they were small circus poodles ready to leap and do a trick or two. A lady on walking stilts in white face and glittering long pants leaned over to my new acquaintance and I and asked us to take our seats for the cabaret dinner performance. The honoree for the evening was Elihu Rose the Vice Chairman of the Park Avenue Armory, and Board Member to places such as to Lincoln Center Theater, and Partner at real estate investment/ management firm, Rose Associates. I was told by a friend of his family that he is a dear generous man, and that he really gives from the heart. As a dark haired woman sang at a piano on a small stage, dinner guests took their seats such as Actress Candace Bergen, and John Seifert Managing Partner and CEO of Ogilvy Mather, New York and North America.

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