Elie Tahari Fall ’11 #NYFW

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Elie Tahari says his fall collection starts with the letter “L.”

“It’s about love,” he said backstage before the line debuted at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday. “It’s about luxe, luxurious, luscious.” He went on to add leather, lace and leopard to the list.

Tahari’s romantic look combined sheer and flowing with solid, wearable materials. Clothing was grouped by colour as models moved down the runway, changing from black to white then fading to beige and darker browns before ending with burgundy.

Chiffon flowed over lace or lace fell over chiffon to create sheer effects. Sleeves were wide and floating. Fox fur functioned as vests, scarves and stoles. Animal prints appeared on skirts, jackets and pants.

The rich look attracted television’s Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa Rivers to the front row.

Tahari said he sees the woman he dresses as “sexy and smart.”

“It’s about dressing up,” he said. “It’s about looking beautiful while feeling good and being happy.”

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