The Glamwire Essay: Galliano 03/01/11

Earlier today a very important upheaval took place for those that love fashion. Arguably the world’s greatest living designer of clothing for women…for some…by far….was fired from the House of Dior in Paris. It is possible that it will be difficult for John Galliano to mount runway shows anywhere in the world for some time. Though that is up in the air…and to us…still doubtful.  It is very likely he will not be mounting runway shows for Dior any time soon after next week.

There is no designer on the face on the earth, simply based on pure talent alone, that we would rather do the aestheticized body of images that this website was entirely built around, and which we at Glamwire, will continue to make as long as it is possible for us to do so. We call it “dancing” with some of the world’s most gifted designers…and there is no one anywhere that this company would rather dance with than John Galliano…though admitedly…not today. At least not if he’s had more than 2 pastis. Still, all the facts concerning this video are not out yet….and it is important to understand that. One thing seems pretty clear…

It seems, at least, abundantly clear, and stated in the below video, actually, that Galliano has a serious problem with alchohol…and some sort of problem with hatred and bitternerness, excerbated by drink and what he himself would call, we guess, a simple desire to be “wicked.”  He likes to say what he would call “horrible” things, and, we guess, to be very provocative. He would probably say, and this would be real, that this was a drunken joke (though these Italian gals were clearly bothering him. As one of them said as they started to film: “It’s not your day…is it.”).

Glamwire believes he has to make a dramatic statement against his own recent behavior. He has to make a statement as eloquent as his clothing for women….and way more elqouent than most of his clothing for men… least that last Hobo/Soho collection, which was done to dramatic Fiddler on the Roof-like music.

Massive eloquence is needed right here and yeah, sobriety, and he’ll may well be able to in some way continue…and maybe without some people booing if he choses to appear at the end of a runway again…..and he should (though maybe not at Dior, whose brother’s daughter was a famous Nazi Sympathizer so…this may not be the right fit…but…still a chance to make history… because we believe that these comments, however disgusting, are not actually the stance of the man).

Right now, in Libya, an entire nation is fighting for democracy, an end of tolitarianism, an end of religious extremism and an end of racism. When it’s over, probably some form of poorly dressed, religious fanatic totalitarianists will be in power. But the kids…want democracy, and a better way of life.

This is a very glamorous revolution. And very very important.

Unglamorous will be the powers that try to supress democracy with ugly racism and hatred. And they will appear. And maybe this time they won’t win.

It is excruciatingly real, very distant from the revolving bubble of luxury, and in treading with light words over it, one would not seek to tread lightly over what is genuinley a momentous time in world wide culture and history.

We agree emphatically with Galliano that the dressiness of the 1800’s….the glamour of the 1940’s…are all magnificent and should be hearkened to with immense relish and care, and that kind of elegance and style and GENTILITY should be hearkened to as well. Put down your cell fone and become Genteel…but whatever happened there with Galliano he came forth clearly with some of the most disgusting words caught on video in the past few years, at least spoken on camera by the face of a huge business….and it may be literally imposible to overcome, but trying can make some sort of better poetry out of a situation that at the moment is a pretty bad poem.

In speaking of Libya, The great Colonel is killing hundreds of people, sometimes every day, to hold onto power…and if he’s forced into exile, his son could go to Paris and probably start a line called “Khadafy”….and have “Cross cultural” anti American BEANHEADS applauding their heads off. . Know who your real fascists are. On top of this, tommorow TCM will plug a Mel Gibson film. Mel has since his incident snapped many times at journalists asking if people feel differently about him after his remarks in Malibu not too many years ago…to one journalist who was Jewish he sneered “You have a dog in this fight dont you.” How lovely. Different religions are in some sort of fight. Great news, MULLETHEAD.

Mel Gibson acting at this point is a disturbing experience…thank God he doesn’t have a mullet anymore.

Galiano not doing runway shows is like Dali not painting.

His demise says something about a business in which a single face is the face of a company and when your wear the cloths of that company you are supprting that person.  And Dali….may not paint again. We think he should.

These things–racism and totalitarianism–were–and are–and always will be….anti-glamour. But in our must troubled moments….we feel them. Like we feel the need to be slobs….or to put on a terrible pair of trousers. In their most babrabic forms, which Galliano evoked here…they are the absolute extreme opposite of what he works on every day of his life. Yet…more still has to come out. And of course on the runways in Paris right now…every one is talking about what “happened” to Galliano so….he may not be done because your friend from New Jersey on Facebook says he’s done.

Our suggestion is go back to work, wherever you can work (many say his own line will continue fluidly from here) and somehow with your words and work make a massive statement against that drunken 45 second film. You cannot evolke Chaplin in a Men’s Collection…..and not be interested in the right side of this subject. This 50 year old man….is not a violent fascist. This….we can assure you. Alcholic yes. Violent fascist no.

The Tape is terrible…it will be facinating to see if Galliano does in fact have a defense other than massive drunkeness.

Someone asked who would wear Galliano after this. We’re sure quite a few people. What will be sad is if he does not move to overcome this through serious lifechanges and eloquence. Sometimes something like this demolishes a public life….sometimes it doesn’t….but no-one has a thoroughly private life anymore and we think it’s worth trying to over come a drunken moment with one’s actions and words down the line.

Many folks will never forgive Galliano. But if he somehow makes gestures to stand against that 45 second video that somehow are not hollow, there could be some positivity and beauty that sprouts out of what today…is a very terrible and sad and ugly moment, as the very greatest fashion week there is, Paris Ready to Wear (Fall ‘ll) begins today.

March 1, 2011

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